Blog Tour: The Broken Series by Angela Fattig

Broken Series
By Angela Fattig


The nightmares never stop. Love and happiness is
just an illusion, a Fairy Tale. Men, all men, want one thing, sex and then they
At least that’s how it is for Jaden Smith. She
lost her father at the age of 9, the only man who truly loved her.  Her mother used and manipulated her while
teaching her younger sister how to trap a man.
At the age of 20, she finally escaped. She
started to believe in love and happiness again. Until her mother and sister
took it all away, again. Jaden now believes she is broken and beyond repair.
Yet, she prays that maybe, just maybe, one day… Just Breathe
Nightmares for Chase
Daniels occurred during the day. Money hungry woman coming at him, all day
every day. Love and happiness is just an illusion, a Fairy Tale.
Samantha broke him. She crushed his heart and
world. He swore that he would never let any woman close enough to hurt him
again. Yet, he prays that maybe, just maybe, one day… Just Breathe



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Heart Won’t Lie


The storm is coming and it will not be stopped.
Chase will see red and Jaden will be cast back into the darkness.
***The past and secrets have been revealed.
Jaden and Chase believe they are finally free to love. However, the past has
different plans. 
When Jaden and Chase have a chance encounter
with Jaden’s mom and sister their world is spun out of control.
Dory Smith has a plan and it involves destroying
her oldest daughter, again. However, this time her plans involve murder.
Are Jaden and Chase strong enough to fight back
and hold on to the one thing they so desperately want, need?
Will Dory win and finally have what she believes
is hers?





Out of the Darkness
Book 3


As they step out of the shadows of the storm Jaden and Chase
finally see the light, or do they?

With Dory behind bars and Sandy dead, Jaden and
Chase begin to rebuild their lives and find each other again.

With the discovery of the secrets Dory held on to for years,
Jaden and Chase believe the nightmare is behind them and the family that once
eluded them is now within reach.
However, Chase’s past is not finished with him.

The Bitch is back and her name is Samantha. She
has heard of Chase’s engagement to the gutter trash of the Earth and vows that
it will never take place.

With the help of Steven, Jaden’s ex. Samantha
will plow through their lives and like Dory, murder is the plan.

Jaden and Chase soon see that they can’t trust
anyone and everyone who knows them is not safe.

The beautiful wedding they had been planning may never happen
and the family they longed for may end before it has begun.

Jaden will be sent back into the darkness, but
this time it is not her own. Will Chase be too late to save Jaden? Can Jaden
save Chase?








Fattig spent most of her childhood reading any book she could find. That’s when
her passion of writing was born. When she was 10, she started writing short
stories and poems and kept quite a collection.

In 1998,
she met Paul and they have shared a life together for 15 years. In 1999, she
introduced the world to her first born, Brandi, and again in 2000, Sarah.

Today, when
she is not doing what she loves, writing, she spends time with her beautiful
family and the addition of two dogs named Izzy and Herly.

inspirations have always been Stephen King, E L James, and Poe.

Romance Group
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