Cover Reveal: Bittersweet Trust by J.L. Beck


Trust- The firm belief in the reliability, honesty, ability, and strength of someone or something.


Bittersweet Trust on

RELEASE DATE: November 18, 2014


I let every wall I had built around my heart crumble to the ground for him. He told me to trust him, and I did. I never thought that trusting someone would be my biggest downfall.

I listened to his promises and thought I could believe him. I actually thought I could be the reason he would stay…

I can’t trust him.

She can’t trust me.

I hate him.

She hates me….

… I’m sure of it. Why shouldn’t she? I knocked her up and then walked out on her. It’s better this way. I’m fucked up, lost, and no good for her or our baby. The pain is unbearable without her, but she deserves better… At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I still love her.

I loved him.

She loves me, and she knows it…

… But this time she doesn’t want me anymore, doesn’t need me anymore. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I may have actually lost her for the rest of my life.

I need her to love me.

I still love him…

With the broken promises of the past threatening to destroy us, I don’t think we can give in and move forward. Everything has changed between us; I have changed. There are risks I’m not willing to take anymore…

If anything, I’ve learned love is nothing without trust.


Cover Designed by Sprinkles On Top Studios


I watch Mimi walk down the corridor to the restrooms and can’t stop myself from reaching out for her. I need her touch like I need air. I need to feel her warmth beneath my fingers.

A gasp leaves her lips as I turn her around and softly push her against the wall. Her eyes have a crazed look in them as she scowls at me.

“Let go of me,” she demands in a clipped tone. I laugh. Well, internally, not out loud. This is the thing about Mimi and me: I give and she chases; she gives and I chase. One of us is always pushing the other away. I just wonder who’s going to give in first this time.

“No. I made the mistake of letting go of you a long time ago,” I reply. Mimi snarls, and I mean actually snarls, at me.

“It wasn’t a mistake, Corey. It was a choice made by you, the arrogant prick that you are. If you love me half as much as you say you do, you would leave me alone.” She pulls herself from my touch after spitting venom at me, which I know I deserve. I deserve a lot worse, actually. However, I want her. No, I need her. I have to do whatever I can to get her back.

“No, I wouldn’t. People who love something with their whole body and soul never give up on the one thing that means the most to them,” I whisper, leaning into her. I watch her body shudder at my mere presence. She can tell me I have no hold over her heart all she wants, but her body tells me otherwise.

“Maybe that’s the problem. You forgot to love me with your soul and decided that loving me with just your body was a better idea.” Her head is tilted to the side as she gives me one of the dirtiest looks she ever has, and I’ve seen a lot of her dirty looks.

“Loving you with just my body would be the most exhilarating thing in the world, but somehow you have weaseled your feisty ass into my heart; and you see, once you land yourself there, there isn’t any way to get out…” My lips are right next to her ear, and I can practically feel my teeth grazing against her skin.

“My advice to you, sweetheart, is to never fight the inevitable… I’ve tried. Believe me when I say I have tried to fight against whatever it is that is between us. It never works… It just makes me want you more.”

Mimi’s nail digs into my chest, pulling me from my very dirty thoughts. “Things have changed, Corey. I have changed, and there is more to us than some stupid game. There’s a baby involved, and though I know that doesn’t mean shit to you, it means everything to me.”

She thinks that baby means nothing to me?

“That baby and you… “ I can’t even find the words to say what I want to say. I want to make her understand what I was going through without hurting her. It has always been her who I wanted.

“You guys are my world,” I simply say. I watch as astonishment shows in her features and then morphs into anger.

“Well, you aren’t ours. At least not anymore. This is more than just a game, Corey. This is my life. My heart. My emotions. If you intend on being a jackass, then you can leave.”

She turns on her heels, faster than I can respond, giving me no time to reach out and grab her.







J.L. Beck is the Author of Bittersweet Revenge, Bittersweet Love, Bittersweet Hate and Bittersweet Symphony. She lives in Elroy, WI with her husband Brandon, and daughter Bella.

Since the moment she could reach the shelves on the bookshelf she’s been reading, thus influencing her to write. Her favorite books are those that leave an imprint on your soul. You know the ones that have you putting everything off because you have to find out what happens next.

When she’s not writing or reading (of course) you can find her picking up after her three year old daughter, or explaining to her husband why its unsafe to do something any other way, than the way your wife told you too.

She’s a huge fan of all things drama, with shows like The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow being some of her favorites. She’s addicted to all things social media, caffeine, and Starbucks.

STALK HER, you know you want to. (Her words, not ours so it’s totally OKAY!)



Bittersweet Revenge|Bittersweet Love|Bittersweet Hate|Bittersweet Symphony




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