Morgan’s Musings

***** 5 Out of 5 Stars

Divine Fall by Kathryn Knight

This is not typically a story I would read, but I must confess I enjoyed it. Young love is so complex and it was more so in this read because of the characters Jamie and Dothan. Jamie is a sixteen year old, wise beyond her years. She has lost so much for someone so young. She never knew her father and she lost her mother in a car crash. She lives alone in the apartment she shared with her mother, which is attached to the home of her honorary grandfather, William. She goes to school, where she is bullied and works part-time in her grandfather’s antique store. She seeks solitude and happiness in riding her horse, Beau.

At the stables she meets Dothan a very mysterious and secretive young man. He seems very interested in Jamie at times, but yet you don’t know if it is because he is using her or truly has feelings for her. We find that Dothan is a Nephlium, part human and part angel, the only one of his kind. Dothan and Jamie have a connection because of William, who is an Archangel. Dothan has hunted William for some time, believing William is responsible for his father’s death. In the end William and Dothan must work together to save Jamie from a fallen angel. Get your copy to find out the secret William has and if Dothan and Jamie find their HEA.


Divine Fall

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