***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars       RELEASE DAY REVIEW


This story deserves more stars than 5. I personally give it ten stars. JM has packed so many emotions into this story of second chances. The characters in the story will quickly grab and squeeze your heartstrings until the end. In this story, JM has presented problems faced by those in today’s society with a respect that will touch your heart.

Rachel Madison struggles with so many issues — a father who left her, a mother who was an addict, and a secret she has kept for six years. Rachel has love and trust issues. She feels the only person she can rely on is herself. More than anything she wants her son to have the life she never had, but that means opening herself up to being hurt again. Don’t get me wrong, Rachel is a strong person who was dealt a losing hand in her younger years, but rose above her beginnings to make a life for her son on her own without help from anyone. Will Rachel be able to learn to love again? Will her issues with trust be a deterrent to her happiness?

Colten Taylor, retired U.S. Army Sergeant is going home to bury his brother. He could not be more surprised when Rachel meets him at the airport. Colten is not good with relationships and he royally missed up any kind of relationship he could have had with Rachel when he left her six years ago and joined the Army. He had a horrific childhood, a mean abusive father, finding his mother after she committed suicide, trying to keep his younger brother from the abuse and now faced with his brother’s death and the debts he left behind. Will Colten be able to let go of the demons of the past and learn to love again when presented with a child that needs his father? Can Rachel and Colten face the trouble coming their way and build a future together for their child?

A “MUST” for your TBR pile. You will not be disappointed. Kudos to JM for another excellent story. You will want to cry and root for Rachel and Colten, two lost souls with so much to give. A beautiful second chance love story.

Was presented an ARC by the author for an honest review.


Her Soldier's Touch

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