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**** A Strong 4 Out Of 5 Stars


Matchmaking parents, grandparents and friends. Love, romance, and a little help along the way. You will find it all in the 2nd book of the Unexpected Heroes series by Melody Anne.

Sage Banks’ grandmother is matchmaking and pulling the ailing grandparent card to get Sage to come home and do her residency at their local hospital. Sage is dedicated to her work, but the love her grandmother has shown her since her parents were killed are more important and she moves back home to Sterling, Montana. Of course, who is one of the first people she meets, Spence Whitman,a crush from when she was 16 who broke her heart when he dismissed her feelings.

Dr. Spence Whitman’s father is also into the matchmaking. He along with Sage’s grandmother have things well in hand. Spence is the “golden boy” of Sterling. He is a well known surgeon in Seattle, but comes off as cocky and obnoxious and Sage is fast to tell him he has the ego of a small country. Unfortunately, Spence becomes her boss when he accepts a position as the head of ER at the hospital where Sage is working and things begin to heat up. But when things get hot, Sage gets scared and runs. It takes a long talk with her grandmother for Sage to realize that you can’t sacrifice love because you fear losing someone.

This is a cute romance that I highly recommend. The meddling characters add just the right touch to the story. I look forward to the other books in the series. A great weekend read with a happy ending.

Was given a copy through NetGalley and publisher for an honest review.


Her Hometown Hero  Netgalley

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