Morgan’s Musings – Review – Sinclair Justice

 ***** 5 Out Of 5 StarsSinclair Justice

SINCLAIR JUSTICE by Colleen Shannon

“Let me go. Please? I promise not to exceed the limit again.”
“Lady, I have a feeling you exceed every limit there is.”

I loved Sinclair Justice. Our hero and heroine are not your typical young characters. Ross Sinclair, is a Texas Ranger, early fifties with silver wings in his hair. He is mature, self-assured, well adjusted, all alpha and sexy. Mercy Magdalena Rothchild, better known as Emm, is late thirties, strong willed, very confident, and willing to do most anything to find her sister and niece who have disappeared and more than likely kidnapped by human traffickers.

Emm sees her chance to maybe find her sister and niece, when her job sends her to Texas and Ross Sinclair. The circumstances in which they meet are not the best. Emma has the pedal to the metal and Ross ends up arresting her when he nearly pulls out in front of her speeding car. Although their start was not the best, their attraction is sizzling (East meets West). When he finds that Emm’s hidden agenda involves a case he is heading, Ross finds himself making some tough decisions regarding Emma and his job.

Will Emma and Ross work together to stop the traffickers and find her sister and niece? Or will they be too late?

Set back and buckle up. This suspenseful romantic story will keep you on the edge of your seat page after page. The suspense climbs and climbs to a climatic showdown. I highly recommend. Look forward to more in the series.

Received a copy from NetGalley and publisher or an honest review.

CA Morgan


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