Morgan’s Musings – New Release Review – SEALed Fate (Deep Six Security/Hot SEALS Kindle Worlds Crossover Novella)

Sealed Fat

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

SEALed Fate (Deep Six Security/Hot SEALS) by Becky McGraw

If you are looking for a hot passion filled romance. Then this is the book for you. Becky McGraw has a definite winner on her hands.

Jaxson (Jax) Thomas is a former Navy Seal who takes his job responsibilities to the max. When a job goes wrong, he leaves Deep Six. He joins GAPS and accepts the position as security for a federal judge being threatened by the Mafia. He now has to protect the one person he hates. The person who caused his discharge from the Seals and destroyed his dreams.

Federal Judge, Fallon Sharpe, is a by the book judge, and after putting away a top Mafia leader, she is now being threatened with her life. She is a strong independent women who is used to taking care of herself and will find it hard to let Jax do his job. A job he not sure he wants—maybe he should just the the Mafia have her.

Hang on for a roller coaster ride of suspense, intrigue, steamy romance and a spice of humor. A fast paced story that has it all plus, Seals, Federal Judges on the take, FBI, Mafia. I highly recommend this book too all those who like a good military romance. I look forward to many more in the Deep Six series.

Was presented a copy by the author for an honest review.


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