Morgan’s Musings – New Release Review – To Win Her Love

To Win Her Love
**** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

TO WIN HER LOVE by Mackenzie Crowne

It’s a TOUCHDOWN plus extra points for Mackenzie Crowne. I loved this sweet contemporary romance. The story, the characters, the writing were all fantastic. This story has it all – romance, sex, disappointment, sadness, and just the right amount of humor. It’s the GRIDIRON GIRL against the OUTLAW sports hero.

Gracie Gable known as the Gridiron Girl blogger is a spunky, independent woman who has had a tough life. Raised by her sister when her mother passed. Never knowing her father. Her dream has always been to have a family. Now she is trying to keep a promise she made to her sister, Sarah when she passed. To raise her twin daughters. But unknown to Gracie, the girls have a brother and according to her brother-in-law’s will, she must live with him and the girls for a specified time period and at the end of the time period, the girls will decide who they want as their guardian. In steps the OUTLAW.

Outlaw, Jake Malone, is the sexy tight end sports Casanova, but also the girls brother. News that shocks him to the core because to him his father was nothing but a man who wanted nothing to do with him or his mother. And how is he going to live in the same house with Gracie when he finds out she is the Gridiron Girl that just got him fined $25,000 and in hot water with his boss.

Grab on to you seat for a wild ride. The chemistry between Gracie and Jake is constants sparks and fire. Throw in good friends and some entertaining highlights brought to you by Murphy, the ball busting dog and you will be turning page after page until the end. Ms. Crowne has woven the past into the present with an easy read that has an ending you won’t want to miss. Highly recommend.

Received a copy from NetGalley and the author for an honest review.



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  1. So glad you enjoyed Gracie and Jake’s love story. 🙂


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