Morgan’s Musings – Review – A SEAL’s Proposal (Sexy Seal Novella Series, Book 1)

A Seal's Proposal

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

A SEAL’S PROPOSAL by Tawny Weber

Tawny Weber can write some fantastic stories. This may be short, but Ms. Weber has packed a lot of passion and romance within the pages.

Sam Morelli made a vow with the Cadet Club when he was a teen. “When you became a SEAL, the Team is your only commitment.” A vow he has forgotten until now. What is he to do when thoughts of his girl are what kept him from quitting? Can a SEAL have both—being a SEAL and his girl?

Bryanna Spencer is addicted to Sam Morelli. She can handle her cravings for chocolate, she can control her cravings for shoes, but one thing she couldn’t and wouldn’t get over was Sam. He is one tempting package of sexy manhood. Coming from a military family, she knows that Sam can’t have his mind pulled in different directions. Can she bring Sam around to fulfilling her dream or will his dream become her worst nightmare?

Bryanna has two weeks using her arsenal of sexy lingerie, f**k me shoes, and determination to make Sam see that she is really what he wants, not his SEAL Trident. She is going to have to work fast, because this may be the last chance she has of getting Sam to commit. Will words from Sam’s hero help Sam make his choice?

This story is one that can feed your addiction for hot romance and SEAls. Grab a chocolate bar and sit back for a great lunch time read. Looking forward to others in this series. Can’t wait to see how they all handle their “vow” of being single.

Presented a copy from the author for an honest review.


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