Morgan’s Musings – New Release – Night’s Surrender

Night's Surrender

**** 4 Out Of 5 Stars

NIGHT’S SURRENDER (Children of the Night #7) by Amanda Ashley

Although this was the first book I had read in this series, I was quickly captivated by the writing style of Ms. Ashley and her characters. The book would make a great afternoon read and can be read as a standalone. The story is fast paced with twists and turns along with a spice of humor.

Abbey Marie Cordova is a human among vampires and she is not yet ready to choose the “Dark Gift” although this might change, since meeting Niccola Desanto, a centuries old vampire. Abbey and Nick’s love for each other is intense. His past relationship with Abbey’s Godmother, Mara is a thorn that Abbey and Mara’s husband are not sure they are ready to face. Plus there are vampire hunters aplenty. Along with two laughable vampires, Edna and Pearl, that like mixing portions and checking out the men.

Is Abbey ready to choose being a vampire or will she choose growing old and leaving Nick when she dies? Will Nick find the “cure” for vampirism? With all these things and more, it is a book you will not want to put down until the end. The secondary story lines keep you entertained along with the intrigue, romance and laughter. I highly recommend to those who enjoy the paranormal genre.

Was presented a copy via NetGalley and publisher for an honest review.


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