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Title: Dark Feather
Author: Alta Hensley
Genre: romance, erotic romance, fantasy
Stars: 4πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›

I received an ARC for a free and honest review. Dark Feather is my first book by Ms Hensley. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. The story takes place in a very different Earth than we are used to. The Earth is a frozen tundra where a blue green algae is the most important resource, whether for nutrition or science. The world is at war with two groups of humans fighting. The Penna, who believe science is everything, and the Cyan who are fighting for food and to keep their humanity. Tudor, a Penna warrior, walks away from the Penna battle. Rigby and his Cyan warriors capture her and have to decide her fate. Can they use her to fight their enemy and win? Do they execute her? Can the trust her? I love Tudor’s character. She started as a hardened Penna warrior. It was wonderful to watch her slowly transform from all warrior into a female who also happens to be a warrior.Β  With the help of Rigby she gains softness, confidence, and learns she can love as fierce as she fights. The tension between Rigby and Tudor was there from the beginning and was sweet and sexy. The descriptions in this book were wonderful and definitely made me thankful I have never lived through the horrors of an ice age. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. Rigby’s cousin, especially, brought a bit of lightness to the dark themes of war and death. The conclusion to this story was perfect. The epilogue, for me, was especially moving. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a good read.


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