Ashley’s Review of Sacred Blood by Claire Thompson


Ashley’s 4.5-🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review

Book: Sacred Blood 

Author: Claire Thompson 

Series: True Kin #3

Release Date: January 14, 2011

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotica 

Stars: 4.5 

     A perfect end to an interesting take on vampires. I’ve had the privilege to read the first two books in the series, and I’m sorry to see that it is coming to a close. This book answers a lot of on answered questions from the first two stories. 

     Yasmine has had a rough life as a slave in the Middle East and just when she thinks it can’t get any worse she is turned into a vampire by a rogue. She escapes from her owner before he can sell her to another slave owner for being un-pure. It is not seemly for young women to walk unescorted on the streets and just when she is about to be assaulted for walking on the streets David comes to the rescue. 

    David is a vampire and tasked by The Circle to find Yasmine and teach her the vampire ways. But David doesn’t count on Yasmine falling in love with him and he pawns off on others to teach her the vampire ways. A couple of centuries pass and they are thrown together again with much different results than the last time. 

    They hunt down rogue vampires that are killing their own kind. She is partnered up with David to infiltrate Prince Hasan’s inner circle posing as a  princess. She will go to great lengths to prove to herself as well as David that she is not the naïve little slave girl that threw herself at David. Will David open his eyes in time to see what’s right in front of him or will Yasmine suffer?

** I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review **


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