Ashley’s Review of The Bandit by B.B. Reid


Ashley’s 5-🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review 

Book: The Bandit 

Author: B.B. Reid

Series: Yes

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery 

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Stars: 5

     This is the first book I’ve read by B.B. Reid and I’m hooked!! The book was action packed, suspenseful and just a little bit of heat packed in there. 

     Angel is forced to babysit Mian from a young age. Their relationship is a love-hate, hate being the most prominent because of Angel’s budding attractions for Mian. He is disgusted by it because of their age difference. They bump heads at every turn, finally their fathers separate them. 

    Some years pass with tragedy and heartbreak but they meet up again when Mian is desperate and breaks into Angel’s house with the intent to steal something of value. And that’s when it gets interesting. Will Angel just let Mian go without his most prized possession in hand?

     Betrayal, intrigue and a nail biting experience from the first chapter. If I could I would give this book 6-stars. I’m a new fan of Ms. Reid!!! 

** I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **


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