Ashley’s Review of Fan Mail by L.C. Davis


Ashley’s 3.5-🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review
Book: Fan Mail
Author: L.C. Davis
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Stars: 3.5

The author was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised by this short story. This story just proves you never know where you’ll find love.

John Rals was an actor bored his new role as a vampire. He is attending an awards with his boyfriend and he gets the award for his role as portraying the vampire. After the awards show John and his boyfriend get in a big argument and the boyfriend throws John out of the house. In a robbery gone bad, John is shot and loses his memory. He thinks he is a character named Carter from his first role as an actor.

He tries to get his memory back by reading his fan mail to see if it sparks any recollection of the man who he is today. Aiden is a fan who has been writing to John over the years. He really connects to John as Carter, because they share some similar life events.

John decides to go visit Aiden because he just connects to Aiden. Aiden is flabbergasted to see his favorite actor in his small hometown. Aiden is a little hesitant to believe John is just wants connect to his fans because he hasn’t answered a single fan letter.

Will Aiden let John in when he is at his lowest point? Will John be able to confront his demons to get beyond the past and be with the man he loves? Love, betrayal and heartbreak describes this story.

** I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **


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