Gloria’s Review of If I Dream by K.M. Scott

Gloria’s 5  STAR Review
Book:  If I Dream
Author: K.M. Scott
Series: Corrupted Love Book 1
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 1/24/2017
Stars: 5 *****
Once I started this book, I could not put it down. This book is about a “forbidden love”, where Serena’s father forbade Ryder to get involved with her. But, love conquers, and they start a relationship that is tender and compassionate.
Serena’s father is an overpowering man and runs her life but Ryder is always there for her. Serena and Ryder are both fighters in life and their love and drive always keeps their hope for a better future alive. K M Scott’s writing is so real, I felt every emotion as Ryder and Serena went through their struggles to stay together.
I am looking forward to the second book , I desperately need to see what happens to this courageous couple. I advise everyone to one click this book. Its a love story that will have you crying, laughing, angry and upset and you will definitely want Ryder and Serena to find their happiness

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