Gloria’s Review of Singe by Aly MArtinez



Gloria’s 5 ##### Review

Book:  Singe

Author:  Aly Martinez

Series:  Guardian Protection Book 1

Stars: 5




My first read by this author and I was blown away. Jude and Rhion met for the first time in a tragic circumstance. 4 years later he sees her again, but she sees her hero and he only sees his guilt. I love Rhion’s approach to life, happy and kind, but she has fears even trying to overcome her dark past.

Jude and Rhion automatically have a connection and through their fears and mixed emotions, they try to give each other the truth. Finally, they both heal each other through their love and their scars.

I was surprised at the end, didn’t expect that. I am looking forward to the rest of this series. I am loving the rest of the Protectors, Johnson, Devon, Lark, ……

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