Jacob by Elaine May

Jacob is a Truth Series stand alone.
My life is not for the light hearted.
My life is not my own, I live in a nightmare.
Ever since I can remember I’ve lived along side the devil.
I never knew my father and my mother is a shadow of her former self…But he is
He fills my days with a terror that others could not imagine.
Until the day I get away and my life is again taken by another.
A troubled angel in blue scrubs, who has come to guide me as I escape my
nightmarish past.
Together we are two troubled souls, but maybe, just maybe, we could be perfect
for each other.
This is our story.


Elaine May is my Author name. I live in the South West of
England with my two beautiful daughters and yummy hubby. I love reading dark
and twisted tales that mess with your head. I love to travel and spending time
with my family. My dream is for people to like what i’ve written and hopefully
get to go to a book signing event as an author.





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