Book:  Oliver

Author:  F.G. Adams

Book Link:




Oliver is Book 3 in the This is Our Life Series by FG Adams. It was so good I automatically bought Books 1 and 2. Oliver has a job, to track down and protect Fallyn and her daughter, who have been on the run from her abusive boyfriend. When Oliver was given the picture of Fallyn, he automatically fell in love with her. When they met finally, the attraction was instant and explosive. It’s Oliver’s job to keep these women safe but he finds himself opening up to Fallyn. Fallyn is a tough mother and is very protective of her baby cub, Harper. Even though Oliver is a bad ass alpha cowboy with tats, he gives his heart to Fallyn. I loved this book because with this second chance romance, the love is so powerful that it heals both of them. I recommend this book to everyone. One of the best reads for me this year

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