Jennifer’s review of Only The Pretty Ones by Karen M Bryson

Title: Only The Pretty Ones

Author: Karen M Bryson

Genre: dark, suspense, romance, thriller, crime drama

Stars: 5🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍

Only The Pretty Ones is the first book in the Angry Girl Crime Stories series. It can be read as a standalone or part of the series. This is my first book by Karen M Bryson. I absolutely enjoyed every second of reading this book! It’s full of drama, romance, and is dark and suspenseful. It took me on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. The story is very well written and the characters are relatable and real. I was sucked in from the beginning and the story wouldn’t let me go! I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

Ashley’s Review of Heir by D.S. Wrights and Lilith Dark

Ashley’s 4.5-🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review
Book: Heir
Author: D.S. Wrights and Lilith Dark
Series: Howl #3
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2017
Stars: 4.5

I’ve been reading these books since the first in the series, and they keep getting better. I love how the authors intertwine paranormal with the erotic scenes. This book picks up right were Hunt leaves off by Liala and Rick escaping the Hunters while Nate just lets them escape. Liala doesn’t know what to make of Rick yet, all she knows that he is helping her escape. She has to make a decision- blindly trust Rick that he will help her get back to her family and protect them from the Hunters. Once she gets back to her family she has yet another decision to make, follow her mother and send all the half breeds to their death or step up to her rightful place as being the Alpha. Heartache ensues when she has to make the difficult decision… Will she finally take a mate? Who will it be Rick or Nate?

** I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **IMG_0381

Jennifer’s review of A Touch of Lust by Michelle Horst

Title: A Touch of Lust

Author: Michelle Horst

Genre: Romance, Dark themed romance

Star: 5🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍


I was so excited to read this book. I love everything Michelle Horst. I don’t think I have the right words to do this review justice though. Mila and Liam are from two different cults and ended up finding each other after escaping that horrible life. Both are very strong yet vulnerable characters. Both of their stories touched me. I think Mila was my favorite part of the story. I love a strong female lead. She was definitely that. Mila went through so much and found the courage, even though deathly afraid, to escape at only 14 years old. She went to school and was trying to make a good life for herself even though she lived in terror every single day. She fought that fear to finish school, have friends and fall in love. I admire her strength so so much. I laughed, cried, felt her fear and fell in love all while reading this book. I have found a new appreciation for feathers and loving the people who come into my life, even when they do eventually leave it. I honestly feel this is one of Michelle Horst’s best books she has ever written. I can’t imagine the emotions she must have gone through writing this. When you read it, please be sure to read the author’s note in the back of the book as well. I honestly wish I could give this book 7 stars. It more than deserves it!


Jenn’s Review of Safe by Joy Blood

Title: Safe (The Reckoning Series Book 1)

Author: Joy Blood

Genre: Dark Romance
Stars: 5🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍
This is my first book by Joy Blood. It was absolutely fantastic! I was captivated by the setting, story and characters. I truly could not put this book down. Ellie is a young 20 year old woman. She was fascinated by the older man, Avil, who an immediate and extreme liking to her. She fell under his spell and didn’t realize until too late it was all a lie. I really fell in love with the second part of this book. Ellie shows so much spunk and determination. She shows how strong she really is in spite of all the absolute horrors she has been through. The cover of this book is what drew me to it. The author was kind enough to send a copy so I could read this and experience this dark and amazing world she has created. I was so in love with this book I have already bought the rest. I am so excited to see where this story goes!

Ashley’s Review of Hunt by D. S. Wrights and Lilith Dark


Ashley’s 4-🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review
Book: Hunt
Authors: D.S. Wrights, Lilith Dark
Series: Howl #2
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Stars: 4

The series keeps getting better. Hunt picks up right where Howl left off, Lia realizes her mom is in fact not dead she is a werewolf and the Alpha at that. So basically she’s been lied to for the last 10 years. And now she knows that she is a werewolf also and the next in line when her mother steps down. Between the hunters, Nate and Rick, Lia does not know who to trust. Will all of them make it out unscathed? Can’t wait for Heir!!!!

** I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **

Ashley’s Review of Howl by D. S. Wrights & Lilith Dark


Ashley’s 3.5-🛍🛍🛍🛍 Review
Book: Howl
Authors: D.S. Wrights, Lilith Dark
Series: Howl #1
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror
Release Date: October 31, 2016
Stars: 3.5

This was the first book I’ve read by either author and I have to say it was a great concept for a book. There were multiple grammatical and spelling errors but it did not detract from the story. I will be reading more from these authors.

Liala wants to go camping for her 21st birthday to the place where her now to see deceased mother used to take her. It was just supposed to be her, her father and her little brother, but then her cousins and uncle came and brought their friends. Little did they know they set up right in a werewolf territory. Warnings from an old woman go unheeded, will this be a big mistake?

Can’t wait for the second installment!!

** I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **


Jennifer’s review of Blaire by Anita Gray

Title: Blaire
Author: Anita Gray
Genre: romance, dark romance, dark
Stars: 3.5 👜👜👜👜

This book was different. It was interesting and mostly held my attention. I liked the characters and their personalities. I am giving this book 3.5 to 4 stars. I am kind of disappointed I didn’t get to see much of Maxim and Blaire together. It was hard for me to get a feel for the way she thinks and feels when I don’t get to see the why. I also feel as though I was dropped in the middle of the story from the beginning of the book. I didn’t totally understand what was going on. I really do wish we could have seen more of Blaire and Maxim interacting together. I enjoyed most of the story with Blaire and Charlie. I really like his character. I feel there is so much he is hiding about who he really is. There are things being whispered about by other characters questioning his actions. I feel like he has his own agenda. Throughout the book Blaire keeps having the same thoughts. I did understand why but the repetition was a little irritating for me. I found myself wanting to just shut her up. This book wasn’t overly dark. It had many dark themes/pieces of darkness. I found I really did want it a bit darker. Overall this was a good read and I would like to read more about Blaire and her world in the next book.
**received an ARC for and honest review**