Book:  Taking Her Hard

Author:  Jenika Snow




When Lizzie leaves the MC to seek a better life, Vain lets her leave without expressing to her his love. After a few years, Lizzie returns and they both finally confess to each other their love. Vain, a sweet bad ass Biker, finally makes Lizzie his. This short book is sweet, hot and sexy







Book:  Devil You Know

Author: L.A. Fiore




Devil You Know is a book about epic romantic love and unconditional love for family. Damian never knew love until he met Thea and her family. Thea saw in his sad eyes the terrible childhood he lived through. Thea’s parents and brother welcomed him as a member of the family. Thea and Damian were soulmates, they fell in love in high school and could never be together due to circumstances happening in their lives. After many years apart, they realized that they never stopped loving each other and they needed each other to make each other whole. There were many twists and turns and the story was fast paced. I loved the many characters, Thea’s mom, dad, Cam and Anton. I strongly recommend you read this book

Gloria’s Review of Singe by Aly MArtinez



Gloria’s 5 ##### Review

Book:  Singe

Author:  Aly Martinez

Series:  Guardian Protection Book 1

Stars: 5




My first read by this author and I was blown away. Jude and Rhion met for the first time in a tragic circumstance. 4 years later he sees her again, but she sees her hero and he only sees his guilt. I love Rhion’s approach to life, happy and kind, but she has fears even trying to overcome her dark past.

Jude and Rhion automatically have a connection and through their fears and mixed emotions, they try to give each other the truth. Finally, they both heal each other through their love and their scars.

I was surprised at the end, didn’t expect that. I am looking forward to the rest of this series. I am loving the rest of the Protectors, Johnson, Devon, Lark, ……

Gloria’s Review of Forged in Desire by Brenda Jackson


Gloria’s 4.5 ***** Review
Book: Forged in Desire
Author: Brenda Jackson
Series: The Protectors
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Stars: 4.5

My first read by this author and I loved it. This book had so many plot twists , it always had me guessing. Striker was hired to protect Margo from a crazy assassin and of course sparks flew between these two. They fell in love and Striker finally put his demons to rest with Margo’s help. I am looking forward to the next book, Quasar’s story. The secondary characters were well developed for us to take an interest in their stories. This book is fast paced and the chemistry between Margo and Striker is sizzling. I recommend this book (less)

Gloria’s Review of Acer by Lilly Atlas




Gloria’s 5 ***** Review

Book:  Acer

Author:  Lilly Atlas

Series:  No Prisoners MC

Genre:  MC Romance

Stars: 5




This is my first book by Lilly Atlas and it was outstanding. Ms Atlas gave us characters that are so complex, they speak to us. I was drawn into their lives with the first page. Acer and Fia are characters that fall in lust but as their relationship progresses, they are meant to heal each other. I fell in love with Acer, through his compassion and tenderness for Fia. There were many parts of the book where I felt sad and joyful. This couple really deserved their HEA. I was so impressed with this author, I bought the first 2 books in the series to read. Lilly Atlas has become one of my favorite authors. I recommend you read this series

Gloria’s Review of Below The Line by Chelsea Camaron


Gloria’s 5 ***** Review

Book:  Below The Line

Author: Chelsea Camaron

Series: Devil’s Due MC Book 2

Genre:  MC Romance

Stars: 5

I really enjoyed this MC series . I liked the idea of The Nomads, Devils Due MC, and their own brand of justice. The banter between these men is so funny. Owen, our hero, realizes his Hadley is still alive and goes on a search with his brothers to find her. After all the suffering these two go through, they finally find their HEA.

I loved the pace of the book, non stop suspense and action. I have enjoyed each book Chelsea Camaron writes. Looking forward to the next

Gloria’s Review of Rough Love by Laura Morgan






Gloria’s 4.5 ***** STARS

Book:  Rough Love

Author:  Laura Morgan

Genre:  Dark MC Romance

Release Date:  1/28/2017





This is my first book by this author. I love MC books and this dark MC book is no exception. Dahlia and Tobin are made for each other. As the younger daughter of the MC President, she now has to help Tobin, the VP, with the running of the club.
There are many secrets that Dahlia keeps and the suspense is off the charts. She vows to avenge her sisters untimely death and she puts herself in danger doing this. I enjoyed how her three brothers were very protective of her. Ms Morgan’s writing is real, gritty and authentic. I was biting my nails in a few chapters. If you like your MC dark, read this book

Gloria’s Review of Honey Bee by Heather Shere

Gloria’s 4.5 ***** STAR REVIEW
Book: Honey Bee
Author: Heather Shere
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Stars:  4.5
This book was the first book I read from this author. It was a sweet, loving romance between Bo and Sophia. Sophia and her dog Triton moved into a new town to make a new start. Bo is the high school coach that when he saw Sophia, there was an instant attraction. But Bo did not do relationships and his past was stopping him from a relationship with Sophia.
I loved Triton and how he knew all along that Bo was the one. I loved Sophia’s character in how she believes that if it was meant to happen, it will. There were times Bo was a complete ass to her, but he apologized and Sophia helped him realize he could be better person. I look forward to more books from this author.

Gloria’s Review of If I Dream by K.M. Scott

Gloria’s 5  STAR Review
Book:  If I Dream
Author: K.M. Scott
Series: Corrupted Love Book 1
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 1/24/2017
Stars: 5 *****
Once I started this book, I could not put it down. This book is about a “forbidden love”, where Serena’s father forbade Ryder to get involved with her. But, love conquers, and they start a relationship that is tender and compassionate.
Serena’s father is an overpowering man and runs her life but Ryder is always there for her. Serena and Ryder are both fighters in life and their love and drive always keeps their hope for a better future alive. K M Scott’s writing is so real, I felt every emotion as Ryder and Serena went through their struggles to stay together.
I am looking forward to the second book , I desperately need to see what happens to this courageous couple. I advise everyone to one click this book. Its a love story that will have you crying, laughing, angry and upset and you will definitely want Ryder and Serena to find their happiness

Gloria’s Review: Badd Ass by Jasinda Wilder