Morgan’s Musings – New Release/Review – Her Hometown Redemption


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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Sept 1st 2015
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance

She’s back to right her wrongs.

When Tanya Todd returns to Templeton Cove, she knows better than to expect a warm welcome. She burned a few bridges on her way out of town, and making amends won’t be easy. First on her list is the man whose heart she carelessly shattered, Liam Browne.

Seeing the successful criminal lawyer after all these years, Tanya is interested in more than just Liam’s forgiveness. As they work together to bring the man who hurt her sister to justice, the attraction between them sizzles. Suddenly Tanya’s second chance could include a future with Liam…if she can prove she’s changed.



Me - Mar 2015


Rachel lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in a small town near Bath in the UK. After having several novels published by small US presses, she secured agent representation in 2011. In 2012, she sold two books to Harlequin Superromance and a further three in 2013. She also writes Victorian romance for Kensington–her debut was released in April 2013, followed by a second in January 2014 and the third is released Jan 2015.

Rachel is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and Romance Writers of America, and was selected to mentor the Superromance finalist of So You Think You Can Write 2014 contest. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find Rachel with her head in a book or walking the beautiful English countryside with her family. Her dream place to live is Bourton-on-the-Water in South West England.


I always love a good second chance love story and Rachel Brimble delivers in the 5th book of the Temptation Cove series, Her Hometown Redemption. After seven years, Tanya Todd is returning to her hometown to find justice and make amends to family, friends and especially Liam Browne.

Tanya is determined to find the man who hurt her sister and see him brought to justice. Along the way she needs to make amends and earn forgiveness for the way she left her finance, Liam Browne, with only a note shoved beneath his door. Tanya and Liam have many obstacles to overcome, especially finding whether he can trust Tanya. Liam and Tanya find themselves working together to obtain justice for her sister and along the way Tanya opens up about her struggles and learns she can be strong and have happiness.

The characters and the interactions between the characters are so genuine. It is a great read regarding how we make mistakes in our lives, but can have a second chance at making amends. I highly recommend Her Hometown Redemption along with the other books in the Temptation Cove series, you will not be disappointed. Kudos to Ms. Brimble on an outstanding story.


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Morgan’s Musings – Blog Tour & Giveaway – If I Can Dream (Hell Yeah! Series) by Sable Hunter

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If I Can DreamIf I Can Dream (Hell Yeah! Series)
by Sable Hunter

Available on Amazon:


The moment Tennessee McCoy lays eyes on Molly Reyes sitting astride a horse in the desert sun, love hits him like a bolt of lightning from out of the blue. She is his soulmate, his other half. They speak the same language, they want the same things. Their attraction is complete, the passion they share nearly consumes them. Knowing she is meant to be his, Ten can’t wait to make her his bride. The future seems bright until happiness slips through their fingers like grains of sand.
When all seems hopeless, sometimes all we have left is our dreams. Ten can only believe what his eyes can see, what his ears can hear. Molly can’t seem to find the words to make him understand that she would rather lose her soul than betray him. Now both Tennessee and Molly must learn to place their faith in one another, to hold fast to love and trust their hearts.
Their journey back to love will be one you’ll never forget.


“Good. Are you hungry?” he asked as he made a U-turn to head back to the hotel.
“Not for food,” she said mildly, deciding she was going to enjoy their time together. No one was guaranteed tomorrow. She had no idea what their future held, but a man like Tennessee didn’t come along every day.
“Fuck, baby, you’re gonna make me wreck.” Tennessee murmured as he tried to focus on getting them to the hotel in one piece.
Watching the lights go by, Molly admitted to herself she was nervous. Needing to tell him what was on her heart, she blurted it all out. “You don’t have to worry. I’m on birth control. I’m not a virgin, but I haven’t been with anyone in a long time and my experiences can be counted on one hand. So, I hope you’re not expecting too much.”
Tennessee took her hand in his. “This is our first time, that’s all that matters. The only thing I’m expecting is to lose myself in you. You have no idea how much I want you. Just you.”
Molly’s heart thudded in her chest. “I can’t wait,” she whispered.
Pulling into his parking spot, he was out and around to her side before she could gather her backpack off the floorboard. “You don’t have to wait. Let me carry that for you.”
She handed her bag to him and he shouldered it, using his other hand to pull her close. Making their way through an arched gate, he chuckled. “I’m so damn hard I can barely walk.”If I Can Dream Teaser 2
“We’ll see what we can do about that.”
Her natural teasing personality enchanted him. Life with Molly would never be boring. There were people sitting on the long terra-cotta paved verandah, listening to the sound of the water from the central fountain. Tennessee nodded at them politely as he pulled out his key and opened the intricately carved antique doors that led into his room. Stepping back to allow her to enter first, Molly’s eyes went automatically to the huge king-size bed that dominated the room.
“This is nice.” She noted the dark furniture, the silver sconces on the wall and the pair of cowboy chaps that hung predominately over the bed as decoration. “Definitely cowboy themed.”
“I don’t see anything but you.” He whispered as he laid down his hat next to her bag on the bench at the end of the bed.
Molly fingered the hem of her top. She had on the same clothes she’d worn earlier, there’d been no chance to change. “I don’t have anything with me to sleep in, sexy or otherwise.”
Ten came to her, sliding his hand beneath her hair, cradling the side of her neck. “You won’t need anything, pretty girl. I plan on wrapping myself around you all night long.”
“God, I want you.” She shook, a little from nerves and a lot from arousal. Grasping the collar of his white cowboy shirt, she tugged, the snaps popping opening quickly one by one.
Savage satisfaction filled him as he felt her soft fingers move down his chest. “I have never wanted another woman the way I want you.” He feathered kisses across her face. “I’m shaking with it.” Running his hands underneath the bottom of her shirt, he caressed the warm smooth skin. “I need to see you.” Slowly with great care, he lifted the leather vest over her head, capturing her lips as soon as the material cleared her face.
Molly had worn no bra and as she pressed up to him, her nipples were abraded by the hair on his chest and frissons of excitement bloomed on her body.
“You’re exquisite. I love your tits.” As he deepened the kiss, his hands came up to tease her nipples.
When she moaned, he cupped both breasts, his moan of desire making her knees weak. “Can I?” she tugged at his belt buckle.
“Hell, allow me.” With two or three efficient moves, he’d undone his belt, slid down the zipper and shucked his boots, socks, jeans and briefs. “I bet this is a record.”
“It might be.” She wasn’t talking about the amount of time it had taken him to undress. Her eyes were glued to his cock. She placed the heel of her hand at the head and the tip of her fingers didn’t reach the root. “You’re beautiful,” she breathed, winking at him, “a perfect Ten.”
“In more ways than one,” he teased back. “I won’t hurt you,” he promised. “By the time I get through kissing you, you’ll be begging me to slip inside.”
“Show me,” she offered as his hands went to her own jeans and he helped her pull them down and off.
Once he had her undressed, Ten took her by the hand and held her at arm’s length. “Good golly, Miss Molly,” he whispered and whistled. “You are exquisite.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “So beautiful.” Her body was perfectly formed, an elegant hour glass with generous breasts, a narrow waist and flared sensual hips. The smooth mound of her pussy made him lick his lips with longing. “I am going to have such a good time with you.”
Joining their lips, he walked her back toward the bed. She could feel his big erection rubbing against her middle. “The first time I saw you, I thought you were too handsome for your own good.”
Ten chuckled. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Following her down on the bed, he couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off her supple breasts. “I can’t wait another moment.” Lowering his mouth, he swirled his tongue around one turgid nipple. Molly gasped and arched her back, pushing her tits up toward him. He welcomed them, taking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. When he began sucking hard at one breast while massaging the nipple of the other between his fingers, she bucked so hard beneath him that he had to hold her down.
Ten didn’t let up. She loved to have her breasts sucked, he could tell by how she was writhing and moaning. Her hands were moving over his shoulders and arms, using some of those same rubbing and kneading techniques she’d teased him with on the massage table. Ten couldn’t get enough, he pushed her tits together and gorged himself, sliding his lips from one pink peak to the other. They were melt in his mouth sweet and he suckled at them until her fingers were digging almost painfully into his flesh. The pleasure he was finding in her was almost incomprehensible.
“Ten-a-see!” she cried, wrapping her legs around his, needing to be as close as she could get.
He craved her, his cock ached with unadulterated desperation. She’d confessed how little experience she had and how long it had been, so he had to make damn sure she was ready for him.
Plus he wanted it to last, Ten wanted to savor this moment and this woman for as long as he could.
His mouth blazed a trail from her chest to her neck, placing open-mouth sucking kiss on each inch of succulent flesh. She was amazing. For the first time he was as attracted to a woman’s personality and character as he was her body. And what a body! Spread out before him was every man’s dream, an erotic playground of silky flesh and sweet curves. He wanted to kiss and touch every inch of her.
Ten’s breath was coming hard and fast, he needed her as frantic for him as he was for her. With hands, lips and tongue he fed the heat that was blazing between them, worshiping every inch of her. When he had performed his own version of the head to toe attention she’d given him, he spread her legs and applied himself to a task he’d been dreaming of since the moment he’d seen her astride that horse. He’d been jealous, wanting to be the one between her legs. Kissing his way up the inside of her thigh, he nipped the tender flesh and smiled when she grasped him by the hair, clutching the long strands between her fingers.
“You’re completely bare,” he whispered, mesmerized by the soft smooth mound and glistening pink folds.
“I work in a spa, there are some perks,” she said, her voice hitching in her throat.
With care, he opened the satiny lips of her sex, revealing a delicate opening and a swollen bud he knew pulsed with every beat of her heart. Valuing each keen of pleasure like gold, he used his tongue to rub and twirl around her clit.
Molly was beyond thinking, she opened herself as wide as she could, inviting him to feast to his heart’s desire. The feel of his mouth on her pussy was almost more pleasure than she could stand. And when he nuzzled her sex, taking her clit between his lips to suck, she couldn’t haven’t kept her hips still for anything. She pushed upward, demanding more. “God, Ten, yes!”
Tennessee was trembling – fuckin’ trembling – with a need so powerful, he was afraid he’d just explode on the sheets. As he licked and laved her clit, he pushed one finger up into her sheath and the soft hot walls hugged him tight, beckoning him to push further. Ten was dying to do just that, he groaned at the thought of his If I Can Dream Teaserhungry cock being squeezed in such lushness.
Molly’s world wound tighter and tighter. Tennessee was making her burn. She raised her head and met his eyes and the intensity and desire she saw there caused her to shatter into a billion pinpoints of pure euphoria. Screaming his name, she gave herself to him body and soul. He might not understand the implications, but it made the surrender no less true.
Unable to wait another moment, Ten rose up and eased down between her thighs, spread wide like the wings of a butterfly. She was so beautiful, there was nothing on God’s green earth he wanted more than her. Holding the gaze of those deep blue eyes, he held himself up and placed the head right at the mouth of the tender well, pushing forward until just the tip of his cock was enveloped in the embrace of her velvet walls. Ten threw back his head and bellowed, being inside of Molly was the closest thing to heaven he’d ever known.
Molly clung to his shoulders, holding on as tightly as she could. “Oh, Ten, that feels so good,” she gasped. Raising her hips, she urged him to go deeper.
Watching her closely, he pushed in slowly, giving her time to get used to him. Ten felt like he was being burned alive. She was the hottest thing he’d ever held against him and he was sure he’d be completely consumed. “Nothing has ever felt like this,” he murmured.
“Love me, Tennessee, love me,” she keened as she locked her legs around his hips.
Her sweet acquiescence freed him. With a low moan, he covered her lips with his and thrust to the hilt, burying himself completely within her. They were one. Over and over he plunged into her tight pussy as tongues tangled and her body arched up to cling to him, absorbing and meeting every pump of his hips. “Ten, oh Ten, it’s happening again!” she moaned, her fingernails marking his back, her little teeth scraping the skin of his neck.
Hearing her bliss, feeling the rhythmic clamp of her pussy around his cock – that was all the incentive he needed. With a harsh cry he abandoned his restraint, hammering into her again and again – harder, faster, deeper. Burying his face in her neck, he erupted, glorying in the spasms of her pussy as she came again, tightening around him, milking his cock until he almost passed out from the pleasure.
Molly cradled him close, stunned by what she’d just experienced. When he went limp in her arms, she kissed his sweat dampened brow.
“Molly, Molly, I don’t know…I’ve never…”
“I know,” she stroked his back. “Me either.”
“I need to move, I’m too heavy,” he whispered.
“No.” She tightened her arms around him. “You feel good on top of me. Stay.”
They were still connected, he was still cradled in the sanctuary of her femininity. “There’s nowhere I’d rather be.” He held himself up on his forearms so he could look in her face.
She moved a strand of his hair from his forehead. “I have to go back to the trailer. Work comes early in the morning.”
“I need to hold you tonight.” Memories of the evening and the O’Neil’s were threatening to haunt his dreams. Placing his lips to her forehead, he rubbed them back and forth. “If you’ll sleep with me, I’ll set the alarm and get you home in time enough to change clothes, then bring you back.”
Molly looked at his handsome face, trying to read his thoughts. “Don’t you have to go home tomorrow?”
Ten took his time answering. “I think I can stay a bit longer.” He smiled against her skin. “I have a little family business to attend to nearby.”
His answer should have pleased Molly. Instead she felt a pang of disappointment that he didn’t feel as if she were reason enough to stay. Fighting back such a selfish thought, she gave him a smile. “Can we get a wake-up call?”
“Would five-thirty be about right?” He picked up the phone.
“Yea, I think so.”
She wiggled beneath him, causing his dick to spring to life. Hitting the button for the hotel operator, he gave them the information. “Now, where were?” He hung up the phone, refocusing all of his attention on her.
“Right about here.” She tightened around him, loving the way his still large cock filled her. Molly hadn’t realized how empty she’d been, her life as well as her body.
“Oh!” He grinned at her. “Now, I remember.” Taking each of her hands in his, he held them above her head and began to move.
Molly undulated under him, closing her eyes, luxuriating in the feel of his big body moving on top of her. “You’re very well equipped for this job.”
Tennessee smiled, then chuckled. “I’m glad I please you.”
She tugged her hands free and put them to use, running her fingers over his chest as it moved above her, reaching down to feel the intriguing place there were joined. “Just fits. When I first saw you, I was worried. You’re hung.” Ten leaned down to kiss her, stealing her thoughts. All she could process was how good it felt. “I love the way you’re touching me all over.”
“Good.” He peppered kisses all along her cheek and the swell of her breasts, feeling triumphant when chill bumps broke out beneath his lips. “I bet I can make you feel better.” He moved up a bit in the bed, causing his cock to go deeper at a little different angle, his pelvis riding high against her sex. When he began rocking against her, his every grinding stroke hit her just right. Her pussy swelled and creamed. Molly reveled in the friction.
So tight. So wet. So hot. Being inside of her was so damn good. Slamming against her, he pumped his hips, ramming back in. Over and over, faster and faster until there was no thought in his head that wasn’t her.
Cum was boiling up from his balls, his cock swelled even more tightening at the base. He groaned as he jetted hotly into her. His climax seemed to trigger hers. Tennessee felt a powerful contraction milk his cock. Molly pushed her head back into the pillow and he couldn’t resist that creamy expanse of her throat. He touched his lips to her neck, took a bit of sweet flesh between his lips and sucked – marking her.
She kept moving her hips, wanting the feeling to last and last. “You told me I could sleep with you wrapped around me. Did you mean it?”
“I sure did. Hold on, I’ll be right back.” He rose and went to the restroom. She heard the toilet flush, then the water run. In a few seconds, he returned with a warm cloth. “You’ll sleep better if you’re not sticky.”
The small gesture warmed her heart, so she spread her legs wide and then became thoroughly enchanted as he gently cleaned her up. Once he was finished, he wiped her dry with a towel, then joined her on the bed.
As promised, he wrapped himself around her, tucking her head against his chest so that she was nestled against him from head to toe. Pulling the cover up, he kissed her on the lips. “Sleep well, Miss Molly.”
“Dream about me.” She made the same request he’d made the day before.
He whispered in her ear. “Since I met you, I’ve been dreaming of nothing else.”


Sable Hunter is a New York Times, USA Today bestselling author of nearly 50 books in 7 series. She writes sexy contemporary stories full of emotion and suspense. Her focus is mainly cowboy and novels set in Louisiana with a hint of the supernatural. Sable writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her books are emotional tales where the heroine is faced with challenges. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and swoon. If she can wring those emotions from a reader, she has done her job. Sable resides in Austin, Texas with her two dogs. Passionate about all animals, she has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of raccoons. For fun, Sable haunts cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave. Welcome to her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.

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Morgan’s Musings – New Release Review – Twisted Honor

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

TWISTED HONOR (Deep Six Security #2) by Becky McGraw

Twisted Honor

Love a story about a man and his dog and Slade and Lola fit the bill to a “T”. Lieutenant Lola, was a bomb sniffing dog in the military and Slade was her handler. She has now been retrained to help Slade with his PTSD and Lola is the only woman he needs, that is until he meets the feisty, Taylor.

Slade has been left in charge of Deep Six Security and his first order of business is to hire more help, along with keeping their biggest client, when things go south with the kidnapping of the client’s son. Taylor is head of security at the hotel where things go wrong and she gets fired over the incident. Slade brings her into Deep Six, but finds she may have more problems than he has. Throw in her dog Buddy, a misfit Labrador, hit men, alpha egos, ransom demands and twists and turns that keep you turning the pages.

Love the men and women of Deep Six and only Becky McGraw could do them justice with her character development and well written stories. She has added romance, strong women, alpha men, humor and furry companions that keep you wanting more. I especially like the epilogue which is given from a “furry” point of view. Can’t wait to read the next installment in this series. Kudos to Ms. McGraw on another winner.

Received copy from author for an honest review.


Morgan’s Musings – Book Blitz/Review – The Wilde Brothers (The Complete Collection)


The Wilde Brothers: The Complete Collection
by Lorhainne Eckhart
Series: Wilde Brothers, #0.5-#5
Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 31, 2015



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you THE WILDE BROTHERS THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, which includes all the stories in this big family romance series. A series that will rock your world.

—Hard Headed but bless those Wilde Brothers – Reviewer, Joyce
—“Tissue’s. You deserve an award for the best written books I have read in a long time.” Sonya
—“Warning: Emotional!” Bookzilla
–“Two people find unexpected answers to those life altering questions when the are brought together in a search for a lost child.”
–“Showing strength but vulnerabilities in the characters is not easy to do well but Ms Eckhart does it exceedingly well.”

THE ONE: You never know when you’ll suddenly meet the one!
THE HONEYMOON: Joe surprises his new wife with a honeymoon that’s anything but expected.
FRIENDLY FIRE: After a roadside bomb ends his career in the marines, Logan Wilde struggles to put his life back together, taking a job as a sheriff in a small Idaho town. He expects a quiet, peaceful life that will bore him to tears…until he walks through the door of Julia Cooper’s cafe.
NOT QUITE MARRIED: Logan has his work cut out for him in getting Julia to the altar.
A MATTER OF TRUST: If Ben Wilde is sure of one thing, it’s that Carrie Richardson is trouble.
THE RECKONING, A Wilde Brothers Christmas: Some scars just don’t heal.
TRADED: Jake Wilde has two loves and neither is going his way.
UNFORGIVEN: Samuel Wilde has an unbreakable bond with his brothers. That is until one woman comes between them.



THE ONE – A story of hitting rock bottom, betrayal, salvation, and in the end love. Margaret Gordon is broken. Her boyfriend has left her, with a slip of her scalpel, a young boy no longer has a life and she is fired from her job. Going home puts her in the cross-hairs of Joe Wilde, the boy from high school that made her life unbearable with his teasing. Joe is also broken, as he is miserable with his life, his wife has died, his finances are in a mess and his son is sullen and withdrawn. Thus begins the story of Margaret and Joe. Joe builds her up just to knock her down. She finally realizes in order to live and forget, she must leave. This is not your typical happy ever after story. It takes determination, guts and a second and possibly third chance to a happy ending.

THE HONEYMOON – You got a good feel for Joe Wilde in THE ONE and he once again is thinking only of himself when he plans a honeymoon for him and Margaret. He leaves Margaret speechless, not from the extravagance or romance, but from the location. He is taking her camping in the middle of nowhere, with very little food as he expects them to hunt for their meals and bathe in the lake. This is where communication is important as Joe’s older brother, Logan explains to Margaret when she returns home alone. “Remember, men do not read your minds.”

FRIENDLY FIRE – This is the story of Logan Wilde and Julia Cooper. Logan’s military career ended with a roadside bomb and he is struggling to put his life back together. He has accepted a job as sheriff in a small Idaho town, hoping for a peaceful life. However, Logan suffers from PTSD and never knows when an episode will happen. Unfortunately, with the backfiring of a car, he pulls his gun and shoots the coffee machine in Julia Cooper’s restaurant. Julie is smitten with Logan, but she doesn’t know if she is ready to take on someone with Logan’s problems, since she saw the same thing in her dad just before he put a gun to his head and killed himself. Julie decides she needs someone that is average and looks to her daughter’s teacher. Yet when she is with him, she misses Logan and the sizzle they have. When her daughter goes missing, Logan is the one that is there for her and the one she leans on. Who would benefit the most with the daughter’s disappearance – the average teacher, Logan or the ex-husband and father?

NOT QUITE MARRIED – With a romance that happened so fast, Julia is having second thoughts and is worried about Logan, his secrets and nightmares. She is served papers by her ex for full custody of her daughters. She finds out she is pregnant. She runs a stop sign and causes an accident. Julia’s life is spiraling out of control. She is even beginning to question Logan’s love, but soon finds that whatever happens, Logan would fight with her, for her and never let her down.

A MATTER OF TRUST – Ben Wilde is one of the top ten bachelors in Idaho. His name means something in the oil industry. He seems to have it all. All except love. That is until he meets Carrie Richardson, a feisty environmentalist. He and Carrie butt heads from the get go. She doesn’t believe all the talk about Ben’s project providing jobs and clean energy with his innovative, safe approach. Ben wants Carrie and Carrie wants Ben, but she has a town to protect and he has a job to do. In the end, Ben and Carrie will have their start to a brand new day.

THE RECKONING – Logan has always been the protector, big brother and go to person. Logan was everything to his brothers. Things come to a head during Christmas. Old wounds are opened, secrets come out and brother is fighting brother. Can old scars and new scars ever heal?

TRADED – This story features Jake Wilde, the youngest brother and football star. Jake has two loves, football and Jill, but neither seem to be going his way. He is a big pro football star and the woman of his dreams is by his side. Or so he thought, until he asked her to marry him and she said no. And then his football career looks like it might be going down the drain when he is injured and then traded. When Chris Jeger, a Cardinal cheerleader hears Jake pleading with a women on the phone, she steps in because she knows he is headed for disaster. As a friendship develops between Jake and Chris, real life interferes with their hopes and dreams.

UNFORGIVEN – Samuel Wilde is a bright and upcoming lawyer in Seattle. He has always had a strong bond with all his brothers, until a woman comes between them and threatens their bond along with dividing the Wilde family. Samuel finds that “sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, before you finally get it right.





New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart’s books have been described as Longmire meets old-school Dallas, and she recently received the 2013 Readers’ Favorite Award for Romantic Suspense for her title Lost and Found. With over thirty five titles under her belt, her big family romance series have become a fan favorite. She is frequently a Top 100 bestselling author in multiple genres, such as romance, western, military and mystery/suspense. She has written multiple series, including The Outsider, Walk the Right Road, The Wilde Brothers, Saved, The Friessens, and her two newest additions, Married in Montana, and her high-stakes suspense and sizzling, red-hot romance series, Kate and Walker, Deadly, Dangerous and Desired.

You can chat with Lorhainne on Facebook (, Twitter (@LEckhart), and her Kick Ass Books Blog at

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Morgan’s Musings – New Release – Flirting With Fate


Flirting With Fate
by Jerrie Alexander
Series: A Noble Pass Affaire Novella
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Misty Dietz
Release Date: September 15, 2015



There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Elle Reagan isn’t about to stand by and let a con-artist get away with stealing her grandmother’s life savings. While the legal system moves at a snail’s pace, Elle promises to bring him to justice. She follows him to a ski resort in Colorado, where she hopes to get the evidence needed to put him away for good. But she didn’t count on her roommate being a distraction, because he wasn’t supposed to be her brother’s best friend.

Detective Logan Ford has denied his desire to take Elle into his arms since they were teenagers, but when his partner asks him to follow her to Castle Alainn to keep her out of trouble, Logan finds himself unable to refuse her. He agrees to help catch a thief instead of convincing her to pack her bags and go home. To make matters worse, he can’t seem to remember why he should keep his distance from the delectable, infuriating, independent Elle.

Elle and Logan surrender to their attraction, but as their passion ignites, her plot is discovered. A killer will do whatever it takes to silence her and destroy a love that was destined to last a lifetime.




Logan’s willingness to support her, to help her right this wrong, touched her heart. For him to agree so easily spoke volumes. He was doing this for her. Deep down she’d known it for years. Had she and Logan been in love all this time and ignored or refused to admit it? Had fate given her the chance to answer that question?
“Thank you.” She slid her hand across the table palm up. He wrapped his fingers through hers and squeezed.
“Let’s get to it.” Logan asked for the bill, signed it, and then stood.
She took his hand and walked to the elevator. The doors had closed when Elle remembered Nicki’s request. “What do you think Nicki wanted?” Elle laughed when his right eyebrow lifted. “Besides your body.”
“My money. I suggested that I might be disappointed in my current investment strategy.”
“Smart. You should call when we get to the room.”
“No. Let her wait. After Liam and Alana turn them away, I’m willing to bet that I’ll become a serious target.”
“If they come after you, anything you learn can be used against them. Right?”
“Right.” Logan slid his card key into the door lock.
“Then I hope that works, even if it requires exposing you to that female piranha.”
Logan glanced over his shoulder. “I’m touched that you’d worry about me.”
“You misunderstand. I worry that you’ll fall under her spell and slip up,” she said, walking past him into the suite.
His laugh followed her. She loved the quick and hearty sound. It made her knees weak as hell.
“Okay, smart girl. Get out your laptop.” He pulled his cell from his pocket. How could he switch from oozing sex to serious detective mode in the blink of an eye?
Elle set her laptop on the bar, turned it on, and waited for it to boot up. Logan was still on the phone when the program loaded. He winked at her. That simple gesture sent her heart dancing in her chest.
“What’s your email address?”
She answered him and then retrieved a coffee pod, dropping it in the dispenser and pressing the on button. Not that she needed the caffeine. Her nerves were already spring boarding around her body like a kid on a trampoline.
“Fix me a cup too, please.”
“What do we do next?” She selected another pod and waited for the first cup to finish.
“My friend is sending a program for me to install on your laptop. It’s top of the line and should open your stolen files.” Strong hands slid around her waist, pulling her close.




Jerrie Alexander has written another great romantic suspense story. This is the 4th book of the Noble Pass Affaire series. It is a fast paced read and will keep you on the edge of your seat with it’s twists and turns of intrigue.

Elle Reagan is determined to bring the con-artist who took all of her grandmother’s savings to justice. She follows his trail to a ski resort in Colorado in hopes of finding evidence that will put him away. She encounters one “large” problem in the form of Detective Logan Ford, her brother’s best friend.

Elle’s brother has sent Logan to Colorado to keep Elle out of trouble, but trouble is the least of his worries. He has been warned off Elle, but when confronted with the sexy little package that he has been in love with for several years, he knows things are not going to go well. He agrees to help her find her evidence instead of sending her home. And when her snooping is discovered, a killer will do whatever it takes to stop her.

Ms. Alexander has another winner with this suspenseful romance. It is a short novella that will keep you turning page after page. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is sizzling and believable because of their history. I highly recommend this story along with the others in the series. You will not be disappointed.

Received copy from Book Partners In Crime Promotions and author for an honest review.





A student of creative writing in her youth, Jerrie set aside her passion when life presented her with a John Wayne husband and two wonderful children. Her love for romantic suspense inspires her to write alpha males and kick-ass women. Her characters weave their way through death and danger to emerge stronger, because of, and on occasion, in spite of, their love for each other.  If they’re tough enough, they live happily ever after.

Jerrie lives in Texas, denies having an accent, thrives on sunshine, children’s laughter, sugar (human and granulated), and researching for her heroes and heroines. She loves to hear from her readers. Find a complete list of her books at or contact her at








Morgan’s Musings – New Release/Review – Rekindled

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

REKINDLED (Dallas Fire & Rescue Book 1) by Paige Tyler


Another winner for Paige Tyler. REKINDLED, the beginning of a new series, puts us in a ride-along with the Dallas Fire & Rescue. We have hunky firemen, best friends, little sisters, ex-lovers, suspicious fires – what more could you ask for.

Jax Malloy and his team are called to a hotel fire where he rescues a woman. A woman who happens to be Dane Chandler, his best friend and co-worker’s sister. He hasn’t seen Skye since she left town to attend college and never returned. She is now back home after a bad breakup and quitting her job. As result of the hotel fire, she has no place to stay.

Jax offers his extra room, which doesn’t go down well with Dane but seems like a great opportunity for Skye. She has always had a crush on Jax, but with the move causing a rift between Dane and Jax, things might not go down as planned. But someone from Skye’s past would rather see her dead than with another man. With another suspicious fire and Jax being hurt, his team works together to stop an arsonist before anyone else becomes a casualty.

Although a short story, it was packed with great characters, romance and suspense. Look forward to reading others in the series. No one can can bring out the “sexy” in firemen like Paige Tyler.

Received a copy from the author for an honest review.


Morgan’s Musings – New Release/Review – Claimed By The Warrior

**** 4 Out Of 5 Stars


“Basically you think I’m a beautiful, delicate creature with no common sense and I can’t think my way out of a paper bag.” “Well this silly human female helped design a good portion of your new refuge’s lodging defense—-with my irrational human mind!”

Claimed by the Warrior

This is a sci-fi fantasy romance that can be read in one setting. It is a short story, but has a lot packed in a small space. Aliens with elongated tongues, double mates, blue planets, humans – everything for another great read by Savannah Stuart.

Lumineta is a planet where many humans relocated with the earth’s demise. A planet short on women. It is more the norm to have two males for one female. Leilana, a transplant to Lumineta from earth, is sent to the mountain region to deliver completed plans of a project she has been working on and finds herself held against her will. In this region, an unmated female can be forced to live there one moon cycle. She is livid that she must stay, but finds that maybe this courting is not too bad especially when it involves a sexy alpha leader.

Con, the leader of his clan, has never thought much about taking a mate – especially a human. They are nothing but trouble. But he is about to buck the system by wanting Leilana for himself. He is not willing to share. And once Leilana gets to know this strong alpha male, he has her rethinking everything she knew about Lumineta males.

I loved the story. It is a fast paced fun, sexy read.

Received a copy from the author for an honest review



Morgan’s Musings – Book Tour/Review – What To Do With A Duke

What to do with a duke book banner 1

Title: What To Do With A Duke
Author: Sally MacKenzie
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Kindle/Paperback/Audio


Welcome to the charming, fatefully named village of Loves Bridge, where a woman destined for spinsterhood can live a life of her own choosing—or fall unexpectedly, madly in love…

Miss Isabelle Catherine Hutting would rather be lounging in the library than circling the ballroom in search of a husband any day. So when Cat hears that the town’s infamous Spinster House is open for a new resident, she jumps at the chance to put all this marriage business behind her. But first she must make arrangements with her prospective landlord, Marcus, the Duke of Hart—the most handsome man she’s ever seen, and the only man who’s ever impressed her in the least…

With her wit, independent spirit, and not least of all her beauty, Marcus can’t help but be stirred by Cat. It’s terribly unfortunate he’s not looking to marry, given the centuries-old curse that left his family with the Spinster House to begin with. No duke shall live to see his heir’s birth. But is there a chance the curse could be broken—in true fairy-tale fashion—by an act of true love? The race to Happily Ever After is about to begin…


What to Do With Duke





USA Today bestselling author Sally MacKenzie writes funny, sexy romances set in her favorite time period (other than the present): Regency England. Her novella, “The Duchess of Love,” was a 2013 RITA® finalist, and two of her books—The Naked King and Bedding Lord Ned—made ALA Booklist’s top ten romances for their respective years. Many of her books are available in audio format, and her stories have been translated into Czech, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Sally graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame in the first class of women. She’s a Cornell Law School dropout, former federal regulation writer, recovering parent volunteer, mother of four grown sons, and middle-of-the-lane Masters swimmer. She loves to travel, especially to England to research historic sites and hike through—and frequently get lost in—the English countryside.



This beginning to a new series, Spinster House by Sally MacKenzie, is a delightful, witty read. The heroine, Miss Isabelle Catherine (Cat) Hutting, at the age of 25 is “on the shelf” (a spinster) and Marcus, the Duke of Hart, the hero is cursed.

Cat just needs some peace and quiet away from her 10 siblings and parents to write her novel. As luck would have it, there is an opening at the Spinster House. She can live there and put all the nonsense of her marrying behind her. But she has to be approved as a resident by the only man that has ever impressed her, Marcus, the Duke of Hart.

Marcus, has left London under a cloud after one lady tried to trap him into marriage. He is not ready to marry – since he has been “cursed”. The curse, placed on the Hard dukedom, cites that no duke shall live to see his heir’s birth. Unfortunately for Marcus, he would like to have a family, but he has seen the curse come true over several generations. You see, only true love can break the curse and Marcus doesn’t believe in true love. After meeting the feisty Cat, he may just change his mind.

I love the Regency romances where the heroine is not your typical woman of the period. Cat is feisty and has a mind of her own. The characters are great and believable. You get romance with just the right amount a humor. Excellent read and highly recommended for the fans of historical romance.

Morgan’s Musings – Blog Tour/Review – An Indecent Invitation


An Indecent Invitation
by Laura Trentham
Series: Spies and Lovers, #1
Genre: Historical Romance – Regency
Release Date: August 25, 2015



Keeping her safe is difficult, keeping a proper distance from her is downright impossible.

Lady Lily Drummond understands only too well the danger of spy work. Her father, a preeminent master spy, has been missing for months, and her brother barely survived his final mission for the Crown. Lily is still determined to help find her father, no matter how hard her brother and his best friend try to keep her in the dark.

Busy trying to untangle the web of deceit surrounding the Earl of Windor’s disappearance, Crown spy Gray Masterson also has to ensure Lily Drummond, the gangly, awkward child who was his constant shadow growing up, doesn’t get herself ruined at her London debut. But the girl with scraped knees and elbows has evolved into a lush, sensual beauty surrounded by a bevy of suitors.

Realizing Lily is going to investigate on her own if he doesn’t let her join the hunt for her missing father, Gray assumes he can give Lily a few minor tasks to pacify her, but he quickly learns she is a valuable asset. Moreover, she fairly crackles with life and warmth—things he craves after his dark years in service.

Warning: This book contains spies, scandals, naughty liaisons in houses of ill repute, men who think they know everything and women who know they do not. 



Lily slyly watched Gray confront Montbatton and then execute a courtly bow to Lady Abbott. How long before her reckoning? Only a few minutes had passed. Not nearly long enough for her heart to slow. He approached—not with angry mincing steps or even hurried anxious ones, but in a casual loose-limbed saunter.
Did he know?
Gray had been lanky in his youth, but he’d always possessed an unusual agility and grace. Seemingly never feeling awkward in his body, he moved with a compelling confidence that had only grown more telling over the years. A broad, deep chest and narrow, lean hips complemented indecently muscled legs. Not that she had made a close examination, heavens no, but she could hardly miss them flexing during their dance.
Perhaps he wasn’t the tallest or the most handsome man in attendance, but there was something about him. In fact, several ladies’ heads turned when he passed them by. Not that he noticed, because his gaze pinned her like an insect on display.
Not smiling nor frowning, his face revealed not a single clue to his mood. He stopped directly in front of her, cocked one foot in front of the other and clasped his hands behind his back. A purely masculine stance that, along with his silence, set her nerves jangling.
She tucked several escaped tendrils back into pins and then opened and closed her fan a few times. Unable to tolerate another second of the increasing tension, she yielded, feeling somehow as if she’d lost the first skirmish of a war. “We meet again, Mr. Masterson. Mayhap did you learn anything interesting?”
His eyes, vibrantly green and arresting even partially shielded behind his spectacles, shimmered with an emotion she couldn’t interpret. “I learned Montbatton is indeed in pursuit, and you should expect an offer. He informed me most vehemently to pass that information on. Lady Abbott thought it highly amusing I didn’t know your name. And lastly, I discovered Lady Lily should be in the corner with her chaperone.”
“Very impressive, but did anyone reveal my name?”
“Absolutely no one.” A single eyebrow arched above the rim of his spectacles.
Her shoulders, which at some point had bunched toward her ears, relaxed, and she tapped her fan against her lips to stem a victorious smile. “And I was so looking forward to another dance. Mayhap I’ll help you find your wayward friend instead. Over here did you say?”
A dark-haired matron in a red dress occupied the corner in question. She sat upright in a chair next to a ficus and, at first glance, appeared to be serenely observing the tableau of couples on the dance floor. The only indications she was soundly asleep were her closed eyes and slightly agape mouth. Her Aunt Edie was quite possibly the most worthless chaperone in all of England, which suited Lily perfectly. She’d no desire to relinquish the relative freedom she enjoyed in the country.
“That’s certainly not your debutante,” Lily said. “Come, let’s stroll while we look.”
“God’s teeth, that’s most likely her chaperone. Sound asleep while Lily runs wild.” Gray sounded truly aghast.
“Yes, your friend might be in the company of the worst sort of rogue who inappropriately whisked her away.” A cough covered her spate of giggles.
“Indeed.” His tone turned solemn. “She’s a highly impulsive chit not used to male attention. No doubt, she’d be easily lured into an indiscretion by a charming smile or prestigious title.” He tutted. “They’d only be after her dowry, poor thing.”
She sucked in a huge breath, ready to unleash her tongue, but his next words ripped the air from her lungs.
“Would you care to take a turn in the gardens as I haven’t earned a dance?”
“What about your friend? Shouldn’t you find her? What if she waits for you?” Her words spilled out too quickly. How many times had Rafe told her to never enter the gardens with a gentleman? At least a hundred. Although it was only Gray. If any man could be trusted, it would be him. Wouldn’t it?
“I was to surprise her tonight. She doesn’t even know I’m attending. We won’t be long, just a breath of fresh air. It’s rather stuffy, isn’t it?”
“I suppose a very brief turn in the garden wouldn’t hurt. It is awfully close in here.” Lily snapped her fan open and cooled herself with frenzied flicks of her wrist. Was it the crush of people or his suggestion making her feel so heated?


This was a first for me with author Laura Trentham, but will not be my last. This story has it all, romance, spies, scandals, houses of ill repute, men who think they know it all and women who know that they don’t. It is well written and engaging with all its twists and turns.

Lady Lily Drummond is a fascinating character. Not your usual woman of the Regency period. She would rather talk politics and gather information than dance at parties. She is smart, beautiful and is going to do what she wants. And she is determined to find her father, The Earl of Windor, who disappeared on a mission for the Crown.

Gray Masterson, a spy, and best friend to Lily’s brother has been entrusted to keep Lily safe and not get herself ruined at her London debut. But the woman is nothing like the little hoyden he knew. In her place, is a beautiful, sensual woman. A women he wants, but one he doesn’t think he deserves. Their bickering and flirting can only lead to one thing. The story contains some scorching love scenes and passion filled embraces.

Ms. Trentham has a fantastic start to a great historical series. Look forward to reading the next in the series. I highly recommend this book to all that like a “hot” Regency romance.





I was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Tennessee. Although, I loved English and reading in high school, I was convinced an English degree equated to starvation! So, I chose the next most logical major – Chemical Engineering- and worked in a hard hat and steel toed boots for several years. Now I live in South Carolina with my husband and two children. In between school and homework and soccer practices, I love to get lost in another world, whether its Regency England or small town Alabama.

Books One and Two of my Falcon Football Series are available from St. Martin’s Press (Slow and Steady Rush; Caught Up in the Touch). Book Three, Melting Into You, is available for preorder.

Book Two of my Spies and Lovers Series, A Brazen Bargain, will release January 2016.







Morgan’s Musings – New Release Blitz/Review – Lovin’ Danger


Lovin’ Danger
by Jo-Ann Carson
Series: Mata Hari, #4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Nina French
Release Date: September 1, 2015



A single woman – A double life

Sadie Stewart, international model by day, CIA operative by night, wants it all: the danger and intrigue of being a spy, the glamour of modeling on the international stage and the love of a good man. But after she survives a second assassination attempt on her life, her world spins out of control.

Art dealer, Sebastian Wilde, a Viking with cool, blue eyes and body of a Norse God wants Sadie safe and by his side. And Sadie’s boss, the infamous master-spy, Jeremiah Cole, demands she follow his orders.

When she faces the assassin alone, she defies both men and risks everything.

A cross between Covert Danger and Indiana Jones
Smart, Sexy Suspense


… a male operative wearing jeans low enough on his hips to make her eyes linger down there, where no woman likes to be caught looking in public, delivered her mother’s chest. Pulling her eyes up his body, she tried hard not to stall on his killer smile. It should be banned by the Global Warming initiative. She could fault herself at noticing his good looks, but as her best friend Mitch liked to say, “No harm in window shopping.” The man was a gorgeous hunk of humanity.

Looking at him, perhaps too closely, Sadie stood in her doorway, with her right hand on her gun in the pocket of her robe. No makeup, no shoes—a bit of a disaster. She felt drabber than drab. Why did Cole send this Greek God guy?

The answer clicked into her mind: because he wanted to distract her. Get her away from Sebastian. Her mouth broke into a big smile. Nice try Jeremiah.

The man’s green eyes looked her over without apology. Undoubtedly, he knew her code name, Mata Hari, and he had heard stories, possibly many stories about her escapades. The unmistakable, carnal heat in his gaze put the question in the air.

Was she interested in a morning romp with a handsome stranger?

Running a hand through her mane of hair, she gave him a pleasant smile, the kind you give your kid brother when he’s washed your car for you. “Let’s get on with it,” she said.

We once again meet up with Sadie Stewart and Sebastian Wilde in this fast paced novella.

Sadie’s world is spinning out of control. Her boss, Jeremiah Cole, has told her she needs to cut Sebastian lose. She finds evidence her great aunt was a spy. KOTL has made another attempt on her life. Her dog is poisoned. What is a girl to do when her man is away and she is all alone?

Sebastian, the art dealer with the deep blue eyes and the body of a Norse God just wants Sadie by his side, but not necessarily handcuffed to her bed. The chemistry between them pops off the page. Sebastian the protector, finds himself on the other side when he returns to help Sadie and they are both taken, but working together they quickly defeat the enemy.

If you like the action and suspense of a James Bond movie, then this series and book are for you. Jo-Ann Carson is a master at keeping you intrigued with her stories from page one. She serves up a healthy dose of smart, sexy suspense. Highly recommend.




Book 1 :Covert Danger


Book 2: Born of Magic


Book 3: Ancient Danger



Jo-Ann Carson has lived most of her life on islands off the west coast of Canada, surrounded by snow covered mountains, lush rain forests and pristine beaches.

Growing up, she dreamed of traveling the world like James Bond, finding archeological treasures like Indiana Jones, and finding true love. In her Mata Hari Series she combines elements of adventure, danger and steamy romance.



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