Morgan’s Musings – Review Tour – Men Under Fire


Men Under Fire
by Jacki Delecki
Series: Grayce Walters, #3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 25, 2015



Hollie Thomas, the feisty, tattooed office assistant to Grayce Walters, has come a long way from living on the streets. Along with finding a job she loves, she’s found friends and safety. When her new life unravels, she faces dangers that dwarf her troubled past. Fighting to survive, she discovers that sometimes what you need the most might be found in the one person you failed to see coming.

Returning home from the war and struggling to find his way, Sergeant Nick Welby, and his bomb-sniffing golden lab, use their skill set in the last place he’d ever imagined—Seattle’s Waterfront. To protect the one woman who matters, Nick and his trusty canine partner will risk everything to rescue her and Seattle from disaster.

Embroiled in Grayce Walters’ most perilous case—a terrorist plot with the threat of deadly explosives—can Nick and Hollie work together to save themselves and each other before it’s too late?



Hollie Thomas, the heroine of the story, is trying to put her past behind her. Most of her young life was spent on the streets hiding from her meth-head parents. She knows she can have a bright future and upon on meeting the hero, Nick Welby, that future is beginning to look brighter. But what happens when trouble comes knocking,intruding upon her future? Will she be able to let go and find the happiness she wants? Will she fight to survive and find what she needs the most?

Nick and his bomb-sniffing companion, Talley are home from the war healing from wounds and suffering from PTSD. Nick is ever watchful and with Talley’s help is trying to fit into society. Upon meeting Hollie, he feels an instant attraction. As a way to get closer to Hollie, Nick inserts himself into helping her find two marines that are missing. Will Nick be able to put his life back together and see that Hollie is just what he needs or will their paths take separate turns?

The chemistry between Nick and Hollie brews at a slow burn. They are both working through difficult decisions and because of Hollie’s past she has a few emotional problems that rear their ugly heads, but Nick is willing to do what he needs to do to win Hollie over.

There were a few places at the beginning where the story just doesn’t flow and was difficult to continue reading, but once you get past the first few chapters you find the characters growing and the story line evening out. This story has suspense, danger, and some great characters.





Jacki Delecki is a Best-Selling, Romantic Suspense writer. Delecki’s Grayce Walters Series, which chronicles the adventures of a Seattle animal acupuncturist, was an editor’s selection by USA Today. Delecki’s Romantic Regency The Code Breaker Series hit number one on Amazon. Both acclaimed series are available for purchase at

To learn more about Jacki and her books and to be the first to hear about giveaways join her newsletter found on her website. Follow her on FB—Jacki Delecki; Twitter @jackidelecki.





Morgan’s Musings – New Release/Review – A SEAL’s Temptation

A SEAL's Temptation

***** 5 Stars Out Of 5

A SEAL’S TEMPTATION (Uniformly Hot SEALs #9) by Tawny Weber

Mission: Seduce and satisfy Lark Sommers!

When you are looking for a “hot” SEAL story, you will not be disappointed in the Uniformly Hot SEAL’s series by Tawny Weber. Her SEALs are all alpha. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but to get the full sexy SEAL vibe, I would recommend reading them in order to find out more about the secondary characters. As with the other books, A SEAL’s Temptation does not disappoint on being the fun, sexy story we have come to expect from Ms. Weber.

With her career on hold and her sex life non existent, Lark Sommer’s friends have come up with a plan to get her over her sex starvation. If she can’t find a man by eating all the aphrodisiac goodies from her coffee shop, then they are willing to find her a “hot” sexy guy.

Navy Seal Shane O’Brien, hasn’t been back home in a while because his family doesn’t agree with his career choice. But his sister is asking him to come home to help her celebrate her birthday, with a surprise on the side. Unbeknownst to him, he is going to be offered on a silver platter to Lark as the answer to her dry spell.

This book is a fast pace read that will make you laugh, smile and even shed a few tears. The chemistry between Lark and Shane has it’s ups and downs, but you keep cheering them on toward their journey to an HEA. I highly recommend this book, along with all the others in the series. You can’t go wrong with Tawny Weber’s SEALs.

Was presented a copy by the author for an honest review.



Morgan’s Musings – Double Cover Reveal – Mackenzie Crowne

To Win Her Heart To Win Her Trust

***Double Cover Reveal***
Mackenzie Crowne

For those of you who met Tuck and Max in To Win Her Love, I’m excited to share the covers from their upcoming stories. Both are available for pre-order.

TUCK arrives on 1/5/16 in To Win Her Trust…

Can she trust this player with her heart?

Ever since experiencing a childhood trauma, reclusive artist CC Calhoun has suffered from panic attacks. But when a fateful kiss from handsome wide receiver, Kevin “Tuck” Tucker, is enough to stop one of those episodes cold, she wonders if guarding her heart has been the right choice. Will going on a test date with Tuck open her to trusting someone for the first time in years? Or will she wind up being just another notch in the football player’s bedpost?

Tuck has a reputation for charming women into bed, but after his kiss with CC, he’s left aching for more. When he proposes a second date, his attraction to the sexy blonde looks like the makings of true love—something he’s never quite believed in—until now. But when Tuck discovers CC’s childhood secrets, will the pro athlete be tough enough to stay by her side—or will he betray her hard-earned trust?

Pre-Order Link:

MAX bursts onto the scene on 4/12/16 in To Win Her Heart.

In order to protect her, they’ll both have to let their guards down…

Country music’s It Girl Jessi Tucker is fed up with her family’s stifling security measures. The threat of a dangerous stalker has gotten the men in her life—including her football star cousin, Tuck Tucker—monitoring her every move. To get the freedom she yearns for, Jessi hatches a plan to recruit Max Grayson, Tuck’s sexy brawler best friend, to play the role of her new boyfriend. But if her scheme works, will she be forced to hide her true romantic feelings for the sake of her independence? Or will she finally steal the heart of her dream man?…

Max has been pining for Jessi for years and would do anything to protect her, but a professional cage fighter with too many skeletons in his closet has no business being with one of America’s sweethearts. Yet while Max does his best to keep Jessi at arm’s length, the Tucker family persuades him to accept her offer.

Max believes he can keep Jessi safe from danger, but can he shelter her from his own dark secrets, the media’s unforgiving spotlight—and a mutual desire that’s harder to resist each day…

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Morgan’s Musings – New Release – Night’s Surrender

Night's Surrender

**** 4 Out Of 5 Stars

NIGHT’S SURRENDER (Children of the Night #7) by Amanda Ashley

Although this was the first book I had read in this series, I was quickly captivated by the writing style of Ms. Ashley and her characters. The book would make a great afternoon read and can be read as a standalone. The story is fast paced with twists and turns along with a spice of humor.

Abbey Marie Cordova is a human among vampires and she is not yet ready to choose the “Dark Gift” although this might change, since meeting Niccola Desanto, a centuries old vampire. Abbey and Nick’s love for each other is intense. His past relationship with Abbey’s Godmother, Mara is a thorn that Abbey and Mara’s husband are not sure they are ready to face. Plus there are vampire hunters aplenty. Along with two laughable vampires, Edna and Pearl, that like mixing portions and checking out the men.

Is Abbey ready to choose being a vampire or will she choose growing old and leaving Nick when she dies? Will Nick find the “cure” for vampirism? With all these things and more, it is a book you will not want to put down until the end. The secondary story lines keep you entertained along with the intrigue, romance and laughter. I highly recommend to those who enjoy the paranormal genre.

Was presented a copy via NetGalley and publisher for an honest review.


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Morgan’s Musings – Book Tour – Night’s Surrender


Title: Night’s Surrender
Author: Amanda Ashley
Publisher: Zebra
Pages: 352
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Kindle/Paperback

“A master of her craft.” —Maggie Shayne“Amanda Ashley is a master storyteller.”
—Christine FeehanRT BOOK REVIEWS Career Achievement winner in Paranormal Romance!

Aspiring actress Abbey Marie Cordova knows more than most people do about vampires—she was born among them, the only human child in a centuries-old family of the undead, and determined to stay that way. But a chance encounter with dark, mysterious Niccola Desanto rocks her to the core. Nick is a vampire, and he’s the only man who has ever made her feel so beautiful, so cherished, and so passionately desired …
Nick has spent hundreds of years on his own, and the decadent pleasures of the world have lost their appeal. Rumor has it the vampire who made him has regained her humanity—the temptation to find her and demand to know the secret is overwhelming. But one glance at innocently alluring Abbey changes everything. Drawn to her with dangerous, consuming passion, Nick will need more than a lifetime to love her…

More Children of the Night


Night’s Surrender is available for order at  




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Amanda Ashley is one of those rare birds – a California native. She’s lived in Southern California her whole life and loves it (except for the earthquakes). She and her husband share a home with a fluffy Pomeranian named Lady, a tortoise named Buddy, and a wild sparrow named Tweety.

Amanda and her alter ego, Madeline Baker, have written over 50 books, many of which have appeared on various bestseller lists, including the New York Times List, the Waldenbooks Bestseller list, and the USA Today list. Not bad for someone who started writing just for the fun of it.

For More Information

Visit Amanda’s website.


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Chapter Three
                Tossing the want
ads onto the kitchen table, Abbey blew a stray wisp of hair from her brow. She
had learned to use a computer in high school, though she had no real aptitude
for anything beyond the basics. She wished now she had paid more attention,
since it seemed every job required at least some degree of computer savvy, and
she was woefully lacking. All her friends were into the latest social media,
but she had never gotten the hang of finding her way in the digital world. As
for texting . . . Abbey shook her head. She much preferred talking to people
                With a sigh of
resignation, she phoned for a cab. Her father had offered to buy her a car, but
she had no real need for one. Most of the places she had to go were within
walking distance of her apartment.
                Even after all the
years she had lived in New York, the sights and sounds of the city filled Abbey
with excitement. After paying the cab driver, she stepped out of the car and
quickly became part of the crowd. These days, most stores were open 24/7, so
whether it was day or night, the streets were swamped with cars that drove
themselves, the sidewalks packed with people who were always in a hurry—rushing
to get to work or eager to go home, dashing off to see a movie, a Broadway
show, a free concert in the park.
                Hitching her
handbag over her shoulder, Abbey stared at the gleaming glass-fronted façade of
the computer store. Her knowledge of digital devices started and ended with her
iPod, which was nothing like the current high-tech phones, iPads, and
computers. She could find music, text when she had to, and read the latest news
on her iPod; anything else was beyond her.
                Taking a deep
breath, she opened the door and stepped into a world that was totally
unfamiliar to her.
                A quick glance
around showed computers in all types and sizes—small towers with enormous
screens, monitors that didn’t need a tower, wireless laptops, and devices that
were no bigger than a cell phone.
                You could buy a keyboard
if you were old-school, but newer computer models responded to voice commands.
She had heard that, in another year or so, those would be obsolete and man and
computer would communicate with thought waves.
                Shelf after shelf
held nothing but computers, monitors, keyboards, software programs and gadgets,
and stacks of technical manuals. It looked like geek heaven, she mused. All
around her, people chatted enthusiastically about the latest software, the
newest addition to this or that. They might as well have been speaking a
foreign language, because Abbey didn’t understand a word they were saying.
                With a shake of
her head, she turned and headed for the exit. Maybe she could get a job in
Beverly Hills as a house sitter or a dog walker. Cash only. She wouldn’t need
any computer skills for that! She could stay in Hollywood with Mara and Logan
until she found a place of her own.
                Lost in thought,
Abbey didn’t see the man coming through the door until she slammed into him. It
was like crashing into a mountain.
                “Whoa, girl,” he
exclaimed. “Are you on your way to a fire?”
                “I’m so sorry. I
wasn’t . . .” Abbey glanced up—and up. He was a tall mountain. Blinking up at
him, she took a step back. She was used to handsome men, but this guy . . .
                He looked like the
GQ Hunk of the Month with his long black hair, broad shoulders, trim waist, and
vibrant blue eyes.
                He reached out a
hand to steady her. “Are you all right?”
                “What? Yes. No. I
mean, of course.”
                He grinned,
sending her temperature rising and her pulse racing. It was disconcerting, the
effect he had on her. She had met a lot of good-looking men. None of them had
made her feel like throwing herself into his arms.
                “Can I buy you a
drink?” he asked. “There’s a club just down the street. Dante’s. Do you know
                “Yes.” She knew it
all too well. Dante’s catered mainly to out-of-work musicians and
down-on-their-luck actors and screenwriters.
                “Shall we?”
                It was a tempting
offer—sharing a drink with an incredibly handsome man. But gorgeous or not, he
was a stranger.
                He cocked his head
to the side. “Is there a problem?”
                “No.” What could
go wrong? Dante’s was just two blocks down, the sidewalks were crowded with
people. She had a .22 semi-automatic in her purse—a goingaway gift from her
father. Smiling up at him, she said, “Lead the way.”
                He took her hand
as they threaded their way down the street to the club. The touch of his
fingers twining with hers made her heart race and her toes curl with pleasure.
                Inside, he guided
her to a small table in the back, held her chair as she sat down. “I’m Nick.”
His voice, deep and whiskey-rough, moved over her like a caress.
                “It’s a pleasure
to meet you, Abbey.”
                “Even though I
almost knocked you down?”
                A laugh rumbled
deep in his throat. “I don’t think I was in any real danger from a little thing
like you.”
                She would have
been offended if any other man had called her a “little thing,” but the way he
said it, the admiration in his dark blue eyes, made it sound like high praise.
                Their waitress
arrived then. Abbey ordered a dry martini, Nick ordered a glass of Pinot Noir.
                When the waitress
left to turn in their order, Nick leaned forward, his forearms crossed on the
table, his gaze intent upon Abbey’s face. “Tell me about yourself.”
                “There’s not much
to tell. I wasted the last five years trying to be something I’m not cut out
                “Oh? What’s that?”
                “I thought I
wanted to be an actress, but I recently came to the realization that I just
don’t have what it takes.” She shrugged, thinking how good it felt to finally
admit it out loud. “I guess I just don’t want it bad enough to make the tough
                He nodded. “So,
what are you going to do now?”
                “I’m not sure. Go
back home, I guess.”
                “Where’s home?”
California. My parents have a ranch there. But enough about me. What about you?
What do you do?”
                 “Nothing much. You might say I’m footloose and
fancy free. No job. No family. No prospects.”
                Abbey bit down on
her lower lip, uncertain how to reply. Was he recovering from some horrible
tragedy? An entrepreneur down on his luck? Or just some incredibly handsome
drifter with no goals and no ambition?
                She was still
trying to think of a suitable response when the waitress arrived with their
drinks. Nick smiled at the woman, tossed twenty-five dollars on the tray, and
told her to keep the change.
                He might be a
drifter, Abbey thought, but he didn’t appear to be strapped for cash.
                “What were you
looking for in the computer store?” he asked.
                “Nothing, really.
I was thinking about getting a job and thought I should try to get up-to-date
on the latest technology, but . . .” She smiled self-consciously. “I have no
talent in that area, either. It’s all Greek to me. I have trouble remembering
to charge my cell phone. The new computers . . .” She shook her head.
                He laughed softly.
“Maybe I can help with that. I know a bit about computers and software.”
                “You do?”
                “I was a computer
programmer in another life.”
                “Really?” She
would never have pegged him as a computer nerd. “Well, I’d appreciate any help
you could give me. Of course, I’ll have to buy a new computer first. I’m afraid
mine is woefully archaic and past repair.”
                “Well, when you’re
ready to make the plunge, just let me know.”
                Abbey sipped her
drink. Who was this man, really? He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, yet
there was something about him that made her think he was older. Perhaps it was
his eyes—they seemed world-weary, and wise beyond his years.
                The silence
between them made her uncomfortable. She was scrambling for something witty to
say when the DJ selected a love song.
                Nick set his glass
aside. “Care to dance?”
                Abbey’s heartbeat
kicked up a notch at the thought of being in his arms. She nodded, her throat
suddenly dry as he took her by the hand and led her onto the tiny dance floor.
                He drew her into
his arms, holding her far closer than was proper between strangers. His arm
around her waist was solid—protective, not imprisoning. His thighs brushed
hers, his breath was warm when it caressed her cheek.
                She looked up and
his gaze met hers—intense and deep blue. For a moment, she imagined him probing
her mind, uncovering her deepest secrets. For a moment, she imagined she could
read his thoughts in return, imagined that he was alone and lonely, that only
she could ease his pain.
                Blinking rapidly,
she looked away, and now she was acutely aware of his body pressed so close to
hers, of how intimately he held her. Only a breath apart, she mused. And it was
too far. His hand lightly stroked her back, up and down, and she sighed with
the sheer pleasure of his touch, of being in his arms. She felt warm and achy
in the deepest part of her being and she wished suddenly that they were alone
in her apartment. In her bed . . .
furiously, she glanced up at him, grateful that he couldn’t read her mind.
                He smiled at her,
his arm tightening around her waist as the music ended and they returned to
their table. “If I asked you out, what would you say?”
                “Ask me and see.”
She had intended for her reply to be saucy and flirtatious; instead, it emerged
as a husky whisper. What was there about this man that she found so
irresistible? It was more than his devastating good looks, more than the rich
timbre of his voice. Something primal within him called to something wild and
untouched within the deepest part of her being in ways she recognized but
didn’t understand. She was meant to be his, she thought, as he was meant to be
                “Would you go out
with me tomorrow night, Abbey Marie?”
                “I’d love to.”
                “Pick you up at
                Nodding, she
pulled one of her business cards from her wallet and handed it to him. His
fingers brushed hers as he took the card.
                “Eight,” she said

It wasn’t until

Nick had put her in a cab and she was on her way home that Abbey stopped to
wonder how he knew her middle name.


Morgan’s Musings – Upcoming Release/Review – Rescued By The Ranger

Rescued By The Ranger

***** 5 Stars Out Of 5


When I am looking for an action packed romance, I know I can count on my go to author Dixie Lee Brown. Ms. Brown brings her characters to life within the pages of her stories. Rescued By The Ranger is no exception, she delivers a sexy, protective alpha hero in Garrett Harding, along with his 4 legged friend and companion, Cowboy, and throws in a feisty, snarky red-headed, heroine in Rachel Maguire. I will have to say, this is one of my favorites and possibly a new book boyfriend.

Army Ranger Garrett Harding has always wondered about his mother, who left him and his brother and never returned. Upon finding a letter hidden from him by his father, that tells of his mother’s passing only makes him more determined to find answers to his questions. He and Cowboy take a road trip to Idaho and the Cougar Ridge Lodge, hoping to find closure for a wound that happened so long ago.

Upon on arrival, he is met by the feisty, snarky Rachel who wants nothing to do with the man that caused her friend, Amanda, so much grief. Garrett just wants the chance to show her that he is not as bad as she thinks. When Rachel’s past comes knocking on the door, she is ready to run again, but Garrett helps her face the evil pursuing her while trying to make sense of his family’s secrets.

The chemistry between Garret and Rachel jumps off the pages. You can not help but root for a happily ever after. And who can resist a man and his dog? The story is filled with romance, intrigue and suspense that will keep you guessing until the end. I highly recommend. Would love to see the story continue with Garret’s brother.

Received a copy from Edelweiss, publisher and author in exchange for an honest review.


Preorder Links – Releasing September 8, 2015

Morgan’s Musings – New Release – My Highland Bride


***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

MY HIGHLAND BRIDE (Highland Hearts 2) by Maeve Greyson

In the second book of time-runners, handsome Scots, kilts and romance Ms. Greyson has once again excelled with the story of Kenna Sinclair. This is not your run of the mill time-travel. The Sinclair siblings were all born in 13th century Scotland and brought to the future by their grandmother to keep them safe and prepare them to return when it was their time. I loved the first book in the series, My Highland Lover and have looked forward to this one and it does not disappoint.

Granny Sinclair has told Kenna it is time. She has one week to gather her things and jump. Kenna hates jumping, not only does it come with the effects of vertigo, she pukes her guts up. Even a motion sickness patch from the 21st century is not going to help her on her journey. She is not ready to leave her 18 year old sisters, but Granny has thought of everything. A friend is coming to stay with them until it is their time to jump. One thing Kenna is looking forward to, is seeing her sister, Trulie, who married her Scottish Laird and is now expecting.

Of course, matchmaking Granny has sent, Colum Garrison, to meet Kenna. But she isn’t quite what he was expecting and once she reads his mind, which is like watching porn in kilts on TV, she is not to thrilled with the notion of giving her “virginity” to this man. Colum can’t understand, he has always had a way with the wee lassies and Kenna makes him feel things he has never felt before.

This book is a mixture of love, betrayal, trust, humor and adventure. It will make you cry and laugh. It is definitely a page turner. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a well-written historical story that contains some hot men in kilts. It is a keeper and one that you will want to read again. Looking forward to the next book in the series to see how Mairi fairs with her match.

Was presented a copy via NetGalley and publisher for an honest review.


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Morgan’s Musings – Release Blitz/Review – An Indecent Invitation


An Indecent Invitation
by Laura Trentham
Series: Spies and Lovers, #1
Genre: Historical Romance – Regency
Release Date: August 25, 2015



Keeping her safe is difficult, keeping a proper distance from her is downright impossible.

Lady Lily Drummond understands only too well the danger of spy work. Her father, a preeminent master spy, has been missing for months, and her brother barely survived his final mission for the Crown. Lily is still determined to help find her father, no matter how hard her brother and his best friend try to keep her in the dark.

Busy trying to untangle the web of deceit surrounding the Earl of Windor’s disappearance, Crown spy Gray Masterson also has to ensure Lily Drummond, the gangly, awkward child who was his constant shadow growing up, doesn’t get herself ruined at her London debut. But the girl with scraped knees and elbows has evolved into a lush, sensual beauty surrounded by a bevy of suitors.

Realizing Lily is going to investigate on her own if he doesn’t let her join the hunt for her missing father, Gray assumes he can give Lily a few minor tasks to pacify her, but he quickly learns she is a valuable asset. Moreover, she fairly crackles with life and warmth—things he craves after his dark years in service.

Warning: This book contains spies, scandals, naughty liaisons in houses of ill repute, men who think they know everything and women who know they do not. 



Lily slyly watched Gray confront Montbatton and then execute a courtly bow to Lady Abbott. How long before her reckoning? Only a few minutes had passed. Not nearly long enough for her heart to slow. He approached—not with angry mincing steps or even hurried anxious ones, but in a casual loose-limbed saunter.
Did he know?
Gray had been lanky in his youth, but he’d always possessed an unusual agility and grace. Seemingly never feeling awkward in his body, he moved with a compelling confidence that had only grown more telling over the years. A broad, deep chest and narrow, lean hips complemented indecently muscled legs. Not that she had made a close examination, heavens no, but she could hardly miss them flexing during their dance.
Perhaps he wasn’t the tallest or the most handsome man in attendance, but there was something about him. In fact, several ladies’ heads turned when he passed them by. Not that he noticed, because his gaze pinned her like an insect on display.
Not smiling nor frowning, his face revealed not a single clue to his mood. He stopped directly in front of her, cocked one foot in front of the other and clasped his hands behind his back. A purely masculine stance that, along with his silence, set her nerves jangling.
She tucked several escaped tendrils back into pins and then opened and closed her fan a few times. Unable to tolerate another second of the increasing tension, she yielded, feeling somehow as if she’d lost the first skirmish of a war. “We meet again, Mr. Masterson. Mayhap did you learn anything interesting?”
His eyes, vibrantly green and arresting even partially shielded behind his spectacles, shimmered with an emotion she couldn’t interpret. “I learned Montbatton is indeed in pursuit, and you should expect an offer. He informed me most vehemently to pass that information on. Lady Abbott thought it highly amusing I didn’t know your name. And lastly, I discovered Lady Lily should be in the corner with her chaperone.”
“Very impressive, but did anyone reveal my name?”
“Absolutely no one.” A single eyebrow arched above the rim of his spectacles.
Her shoulders, which at some point had bunched toward her ears, relaxed, and she tapped her fan against her lips to stem a victorious smile. “And I was so looking forward to another dance. Mayhap I’ll help you find your wayward friend instead. Over here did you say?”
A dark-haired matron in a red dress occupied the corner in question. She sat upright in a chair next to a ficus and, at first glance, appeared to be serenely observing the tableau of couples on the dance floor. The only indications she was soundly asleep were her closed eyes and slightly agape mouth. Her Aunt Edie was quite possibly the most worthless chaperone in all of England, which suited Lily perfectly. She’d no desire to relinquish the relative freedom she enjoyed in the country.
“That’s certainly not your debutante,” Lily said. “Come, let’s stroll while we look.”
“God’s teeth, that’s most likely her chaperone. Sound asleep while Lily runs wild.” Gray sounded truly aghast.
“Yes, your friend might be in the company of the worst sort of rogue who inappropriately whisked her away.” A cough covered her spate of giggles.
“Indeed.” His tone turned solemn. “She’s a highly impulsive chit not used to male attention. No doubt, she’d be easily lured into an indiscretion by a charming smile or prestigious title.” He tutted. “They’d only be after her dowry, poor thing.”
She sucked in a huge breath, ready to unleash her tongue, but his next words ripped the air from her lungs.
“Would you care to take a turn in the gardens as I haven’t earned a dance?”
“What about your friend? Shouldn’t you find her? What if she waits for you?” Her words spilled out too quickly. How many times had Rafe told her to never enter the gardens with a gentleman? At least a hundred. Although it was only Gray. If any man could be trusted, it would be him. Wouldn’t it?
“I was to surprise her tonight. She doesn’t even know I’m attending. We won’t be long, just a breath of fresh air. It’s rather stuffy, isn’t it?”
“I suppose a very brief turn in the garden wouldn’t hurt. It is awfully close in here.” Lily snapped her fan open and cooled herself with frenzied flicks of her wrist. Was it the crush of people or his suggestion making her feel so heated?


This was a first for me with author Laura Trentham, but will not be my last. This story has it all, romance, spies, scandals, houses of ill repute, men who think they know it all and women who know that they don’t. It is well written and engaging with all its twists and turns.

Lady Lily Drummond is a fascinating character. Not your usual woman of the Regency period. She would rather talk politics and gather information than dance at parties. She is smart, beautiful and is going to do what she wants. And she is determined to find her father, The Earl of Windor, who disappeared on a mission for the Crown.

Gray Masterson, a spy, and best friend to Lily’s brother has been entrusted to keep Lily safe and not get herself ruined at her London debut. But the woman is nothing like the little hoyden he knew. In her place, is a beautiful, sensual woman. A women he want,s but one he doesn’t think he deserves. Their bickering and flirting can only lead to one thing. This story contains some scorching love scenes and passion filled embraces.

Ms. Trentham has a fantastic start to a great historical series. Look forward to reading the next in the series. I highly recommend this book to all that like a “hot” Regency romance. Definitely a 5 Star read.





I was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Tennessee. Although, I loved English and reading in high school, I was convinced an English degree equated to starvation! So, I chose the next most logical major – Chemical Engineering- and worked in a hard hat and steel toed boots for several years. Now I live in South Carolina with my husband and two children. In between school and homework and soccer practices, I love to get lost in another world, whether its Regency England or small town Alabama.

Books One and Two of my Falcon Football Series are available from St. Martin’s Press (Slow and Steady Rush; Caught Up in the Touch). Book Three, Melting Into You, is available for preorder.

Book Two of my Spies and Lovers Series, A Brazen Bargain, will release January 2016.







Morgan’s Musings – New Release – Promises Kept

Promises Kept

**** 4 Out Of 5 Stars

PROMISES KEPT by Scarlett Dunn

“Lady of marriageable age with two young boys, in need of husband. I am a good cook and hard worker.”

Scarlett Dunn has done a fantastic job with the first book in the McBride Brothers’ series. It is a clean inspirational western story of a determined young woman who means to do right for herself and the two young boys she is raising. The plot will quickly grab you and keep you holding on until the end.

Victoria Eastman, raised in  a saloon and now a cook in a boarding house, has placed an ad in the newspaper and soon finds herself a suitable arrangement in Promise, Wyoming to a farmer. No cowboys for this lady. But she has one big problem, when she arrives, her intended is dead.

Colt McBride, cowboy and neighbor to Victoria, isn’t quite sure what to make of her. She is young, nice looking, but why was she willing to settle for someone sight unseen and so much older? He has even started second guessing his stand on bachelorhood. But will secrets from Victoria’s past put an end to any future they have before it even begins?

As things begin to heat up between Colt and Victoria, the resident evil in the form of Euan Wallace decides he needs a wife to up his standing and to make his life look good. Follow the story to see if Victoria and Colt can take a leap of faith, fight for their future and find their happily ever after.

I would recommend this book to those looking for a good clean inspirational story. I look forward to reading others in the series.

Was presented a copy via NetGalley and publisher for an honest review.


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Morgan’s Musings – Review – A SEAL’s Proposal (Sexy Seal Novella Series, Book 1)

A Seal's Proposal

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

A SEAL’S PROPOSAL by Tawny Weber

Tawny Weber can write some fantastic stories. This may be short, but Ms. Weber has packed a lot of passion and romance within the pages.

Sam Morelli made a vow with the Cadet Club when he was a teen. “When you became a SEAL, the Team is your only commitment.” A vow he has forgotten until now. What is he to do when thoughts of his girl are what kept him from quitting? Can a SEAL have both—being a SEAL and his girl?

Bryanna Spencer is addicted to Sam Morelli. She can handle her cravings for chocolate, she can control her cravings for shoes, but one thing she couldn’t and wouldn’t get over was Sam. He is one tempting package of sexy manhood. Coming from a military family, she knows that Sam can’t have his mind pulled in different directions. Can she bring Sam around to fulfilling her dream or will his dream become her worst nightmare?

Bryanna has two weeks using her arsenal of sexy lingerie, f**k me shoes, and determination to make Sam see that she is really what he wants, not his SEAL Trident. She is going to have to work fast, because this may be the last chance she has of getting Sam to commit. Will words from Sam’s hero help Sam make his choice?

This story is one that can feed your addiction for hot romance and SEAls. Grab a chocolate bar and sit back for a great lunch time read. Looking forward to others in this series. Can’t wait to see how they all handle their “vow” of being single.

Presented a copy from the author for an honest review.