Gloria’s Review of Rough Love by Laura Morgan






Gloria’s 4.5 ***** STARS

Book:  Rough Love

Author:  Laura Morgan

Genre:  Dark MC Romance

Release Date:  1/28/2017





This is my first book by this author. I love MC books and this dark MC book is no exception. Dahlia and Tobin are made for each other. As the younger daughter of the MC President, she now has to help Tobin, the VP, with the running of the club.
There are many secrets that Dahlia keeps and the suspense is off the charts. She vows to avenge her sisters untimely death and she puts herself in danger doing this. I enjoyed how her three brothers were very protective of her. Ms Morgan’s writing is real, gritty and authentic. I was biting my nails in a few chapters. If you like your MC dark, read this book

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