Viking by Kylie Hillman

Today we have the release blitz for Kylie Hillman’s VIKING! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this fantastic new MC romance today!

Title: Viking

Author: Kylie Hillman

Genre: MC Romance

About Viking:

Why does forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest?

A filthy biker with a reputation for using his fists first and asking questions later, Victor “Viking” Kennedy wasn’t under the illusion that his marriage to Bonnie Dubois had the makings of a grand love affair. She was a prima ballerina—a snobby bitch who knew she was sex-on-legs. She was also ripe for a walk on the wild side with him.

Their understanding was mutual. A year-long fling that kept them both satisfied until she headed overseas to pursue her dancing career. It was good while it lasted. The perfect arrangement that took a wrong turn and ended with a surprise pregnancy followed by a shotgun wedding.

Nowadays, they’re just two parents doing their best to raise their son right. And, it was working until his VP’s teenage daughter sashayed her way into his life and turned everything on its head.

She’s off-limits.


An indiscretion punishable by death.

So why can’t Viking find a way to halt their growing connection?


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Congratulations,” Alanah says as she passes me the sewing kit I’ll need to fix my new patches onto my cut. “You’ll be a great addition to the Club.”

I’m about to say thanks when she laughs. It’s a curious sound to hear in the current circumstances, and that’s enough to make me remove my gaze from where it’s drilling heated holes of hatred into the back of my dad’s head to meet her crystal-blue eyes.

Alanah lifts one shoulder and quips with the exact amount wryness required to make me forget how angry I am. “Well, it’s not like the bar’s set all that high for you so I can be pretty confident in my prediction.”

With the rest of the people who’ve attended our patch-in ceremony still voicing their outrage at my father’s behaviour, Brian’s little sister provides the perfect salve for my wounded pride. Her joke is what I need to hear—a humorous reminder that eclipsing my father isn’t what you’d call a challenge.

“You’re something else.” I say as I lay my arm across her shoulders and pull her into my side. “Don’t ever change.”

“Ditto,” Alanah replies without hesitation. Her pretty, blue eyes dance with delight. “And try to remember that you don’t have to be your father’s son.”

“Right back at ya. You’re nothing like your mother, Lani.”

I stare at her, unsure whether she’s going to appreciate my use of the nickname from her toddler years. She shows no signs of embarrassment. A slight widening of her eyes is all I get in return and it amuses me. In reality, no one should be this self-possessed at fourteen. It’s not fair to her that she’s missing out on the silly trials and tribulations of being a normal teen. I guess a shitty upbringing affects people in different ways. Some of us become an island, some of us fall into the numbness of drugs, while others become like Alanah.

Too mature and always eager to help.

The feeling of kinship created by our similar circumstances is responsible for what I do next. I know it’s wrong, even as I press my lips against her forehead. I brace for a reaction, only to be left hanging. Brian doesn’t launch himself at me for touching his little sister—no matter how innocent my action is—and, Alanah simply reaches up and squeezes my hand.

I open my mouth to say something—what I don’t know—except the moment is interrupted when Bonnie pushes in between us.

“Congratulations,” she purrs against my mouth seconds before her lips meet mine. I’m barely paying attention to her. I search for Alanah over her shoulder, just glimpsing her as she walks away from us without a backward glance. “Let’s celebrate.”

The music has been turned back up and the spirits in the room are lifting. Bonnie tries to drag me behind her to the dance floor, but I pull my hand from hers.

“Nah, I’ve got to do this first.” Holding the leather patches in the air, I buy myself some time to sort out my shit. “Be five minutes, tops.”

Bonnie begins to roll her eyes at me, which I expected since she doesn’t really understand the inner workings of the Black Shamrocks yet, then she stops. A strange look flits across her face which stops her mocking dead in its tracks. She steps back into my space and places a soft kiss on my cheek.

“You’re a good man, Vic.”

I spend a second watching Bonnie walk across the bar to Shari and Colleen. That was the strangest interaction I’ve ever had with her—and that’s saying something since the first time I fucked her, she was bent over my Harley in the carpark of her High School.

In broad fucking daylight.

Bonnie doesn’t do soft kisses on the cheek.

And, she sure as fuck, doesn’t tell anyone that they’re a good man.

“What was that all about?” Brian asks me the moment I approach the rest of them.

“Fuck knows.” I shake my head. “Just Bonnie being Bonnie.”

Wrong answer. Brian grabs the front of my shirt and hauls me toward him. “Not Bonnie, fuck face. Alanah. Who. The. Fuck. Said. You. Could. Kiss. Her?”

“Come on,” Cole protests before I can. “It was nothing.”

He pushes his big body between me and Brian with ease. He’s a protector, through and through. Proving that his dad named him correctly, unlike mine.

How the fuck did I end up dubbed ‘Viking’?

“Yeah?” Brian tries to push around Colin. His previous drugged out state has been replaced by misdirected anger. “Didn’t look like nothin’ to me.”

I step out of his way, holding my hands in the air. “Man, I swear to you. I was just saying thank you to her for making me laugh.”

He pauses, seeming to ponder my explanation. Something clicks in his head and he steps around Colin. Our giant friend regards him with suspicion but lets him pass.

“Dude,” Brian puts his arms around me and slaps me on the back with one hand. “I shoulda realised you’re upset about your dad.”

I revise my previous assessment of how high he still is. There’s no way he’d be hugging me if he wasn’t off his head more than I assumed. Brian usually shies away from any physical contact that doesn’t include fighting or fucking.

“He’s a dick, but it’s not like it’s the first time.” I tried to move away from him.

Brian refuses to let go. I try to pull away again. He steps back just far enough that he can stare me in the eyes. His pupils aren’t as dilated as they were earlier, although they’re still bigger than they should be. But that’s not what catches my attention and stops me from trying to get out of his grasp.

It’s the deadly intent that I read in his gaze that halts me.

“I’ll let you get away with it this one time. Touch Alanah again and I’ll kill you,” Brian states, with bare honesty. He sweeps a hand through the air, gesturing to the room we’re in. “She’s destined for more than this. She deserves more than this and I’m not letting you, or anyone like you, stop her from reaching her potential.”

Rage rushes through me. It pounds like waves in rough surf, back and forth, rising and fall, all in an instant. Rushing to the fore as I realise that he’s basically called me trash, then receding a moment later when it hits me that Brian’s right.

I’m not from good stock.

And he, better than anyone, knows it.

Doesn’t mean he gets a free pass for saying it to my face.

“Fuck you,” I enunciate with precision. “And fuck anyone else who thinks I’m unworthy. I’m not interested in Alanah like that, but if I was, no one would get in my way. I’m not my father and I refuse to dance in his shadow for the rest of my life. I am more than capable of making a run for VP, or even President if I choose.”

Shari and Bonnie come into view. They both seem happy, giggling and dancing about, all that shit girls do when they want to be centre of attention. Brian sees them when I do and steps out of my space. He inclines his head once—it’s both acknowledgement and a threat.

“Yeah?” he asks in a mocking tone. My arms feel heavy with the need to wipe the sneer off his face. “We’ll see about that, Viking.


For a limited time, CONAN, the first book in Kylie’s BLACK SHAMROCKS: FIRST GENERATION series is free!


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About Conan:

“You know how the story ends. Now, it’s time to learn how it all began as Conan, Viking, Butch, Lenny, Doc, and the perennial bad guy, Beast finally have their say.”

The first book in the brand-new spin off to the International Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series is finally here!

Prospecting for the Black Shamrocks MC once Colin “Conan” Blake finished school was a no-brainer.

His best friends were prospecting.

His father was a ranking member.

Hell, every man he knew was part of the MC.

The only thing the Club wanted in return for a lifetime of brotherhood was unquestioning loyalty. It was that straightforward. Patching in meant he vowed to put the needs of the Black Shamrocks in front of everything else—even his own desires.

He thought it would be easy.

He was certain nothing could come between him and his brothers.

That was until he met her.

WARNING: This book contains depictions of graphic situations and is not suitable for all readers.


About Kylie Hillman:

Kylie Hillman is an International Bestselling Author who lives in South Australia. After spending the past fifteen years regularly moving around the east coast of Australia, she has recently returned to her home state and plans to finally put down roots until her children finish school.


Wife to a Harley-riding, boating and fishing, four-wheel driving, quintessential Aussie bloke and mum to two crazy, adorable, and eccentric kids, Kylie is also a Crohn’s Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner. When she’s not writing, she can be found sipping tea while she literally “Netflix and Chills” or sharing her appreciation for heavy metal and hard rock music with her neighbours. As a devotee to the use of sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo, it is for the best that she chooses to venture outside her home only on special occasions.


Kylie is represented by Sarah Hershman of Hershman Rights Management.


Connect with Kylie:

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 Ready for the next Sniper 1 Security? 

Then check out Nicole’s latest release – Tomorrow’s Too Late, book 3 of the Sniper 1 Security series!

Tomorrow’s Too Late
Nicole Edwards
A man with a painful past.
Hunter Kogan is no
stranger to pain. For the past five years, he has been in a downward spiral,
his days dark and grey. He spends most of his waking hours stumbling through,
hating every second, wishing he didn’t even exist.
A woman with a secret.
Danielle Davidson was
born with a secret, one she knows should never get out. That very secret was
what had her running from the only man she’s ever loved. But it seems someone
has figured it out, and they want her dead because of it.
A man who can save them both.
Kye Sterling knows Hunter
has a troubled past. He knows someone hurt the man, which is the very reason he
doesn’t mind getting close, wanting to ease Hunter’s pain in the only way he
knows how. Not that it’s working. Nothing seems to be working.
When Max Adorite comes to
Sniper 1 Security seeking personal protection for his cousin Danielle, the
world as Hunter and Kye know it will forever be changed. 




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Can the three of them
figure out the threat to Dani before a madman gets his revenge? Can Hunter
finally move out of the past and get the answers he so desperately needs? Or
will he end up pushing away the two people who could pull him out of the
darkness and into the light?

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 Nicole Edwards: WEBSITE Instagram Twitter  


Boyfrenemy by Sosie Frost






Julian’s the kind of sexy that demands a cigarette before sex.
He’s the whip and the cream on top of my chocolate sundae.
Hell, he’s the only man worth the fancy underwear in my panty drawer. But suddenly, the thong isn’t the only pain in my ass.
He’s rude. He’s arrogant. And he’s the single greatest threat to my job.
So, of course, I fell in love with my perfect enemy.
Accidentally getting pregnant was our first battle.
Now? It’s all-out-war.JULIAN
Micah’s the sort of girl who breaks more balls than hearts.
No matter how perfect her ass, it’s not worth the pain in mine.
Her smile might tighten my pants, but the woman’s worse than the drought, pestilence, and ramble of weeds destroying my fields. Too bad she’s the only one who can save my farm.
So, I made a deal with that devil.
…Then I knocked her up.


Sosie Frost is no stranger to quirky, embarrassing, and wild situations, and she’s channeling all that new adult angst into fun romances.From marching at the high school homecoming game without her trumpet (a punishment for forgetting the instrument on the band bus), to regretfully tucking her prom dress into the back of her tights before pictures, and even accidentally starting a chemical fire in the college chem lab, Sosie has the market cornered on crazy stories.

But hey, writing is a better outlet than therapy right? 😉

If you want funny, charming, and steamy romances, you’ve found the right author!

Sosie lives in Pittsburgh with her hubby, her two cats, and thrives on a near constant stream of gummy bears.



Free to Breathe by K.L. Shandwick

New Release Free to Breathe by K.L. Shandwick

February 12th 2018



The price of fame – One life – FOREVER.

The price of love – Heartbreak.

The price of one regrettable mistake + fame = Hopelessness

Be careful what you wish for.

Noah Haxby learned that lesson a little too late.

Young and impressionable, he followed the orders from the kingmakers of rock, gathered a massive following, and gained notoriety for his hellraising behavior.

Years later he was buried in hurt and regret; living a shell of a life that was almost in ruins – that is until tragedy struck and his life took an upward turn, bringing second chances in more ways than one.

However, Noah is still unable to shake his past, and the rock star’s life wasn’t truly his own until in a moment of clarity he risked it all.

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free to breathe wrap

Excerpt:-Free to Breathe ©K.L. Shandwick 2018

When I overheard Noah reply at the door as they left I could have punched the air with joy at the answer he gave Clara. It was honest and straight from his soul. My heart squeezed because I knew how hurt he was at having to face such a degrading process to prove himself.

He wandered into the kitchen with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets; the serious expression he wore said we weren’t out of the woods yet. He silently nodded in Molly’s direction but said nothing in front of her. Taking a seat beside her he suddenly scooped her out of the chair and swiftly tilted her upside down. The quiet kitchen was instantly filled with the sound of her infectious giggle.

“You’re crazy, Noah,” she shouted then screamed in a high-pitched shrill of delight.

“I am, baby girl. Haven’t you heard? I’m a freaky rock star, we’re supposed to be crazy,” he replied as he set her back down on the chair next to him again and began setting the table for dinner.

“Noah, will you sing to me after we’ve eaten?” she asked, hopefully.

Noah stopped what he was doing straight away and sat opposite her.

“Why wait until then? We can do that now if you want,” he said with a shrug and a wink.

Leaning over toward the utensil pot he plucked out two small wooden spoons, gave them to Molly, and began to tap out a beat on the table with his hands. Nodding his head, he encouraged Molly to join in and she began to hit the table with them, trying to copy the beat. Noah began to sing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

I had begun plating up the food and stopped when I became enthralled watching him engage Molly by singing the song. He chuckled when she mumbled incoherently at the parts she had no clue about and at others when she suddenly became loud and sang with incredible clarity, which was mainly during the chorus.

Noah’s face broke into a grin often but he kept on nodding to keep her attention and my heart swelled with love for the man that most on the outside would never know the way I did. I turned away with a lump in my throat and swallowed with determination because the last thing I wanted to do when they were having such fun, was become emotional. Molly had seen me do that too many times in the previous months.

Once I had composed myself enough, and they had finished the song I placed the food in front of them. Sliding into my seat, I turned to look at Noah who hurriedly placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer.

“I love your Aunt Maggie to infinity, Molly… is that okay with you?”

Molly stuffed a green bean into her mouth then threw her hands in the air.

“Hmm. I’m not sure because I don’t know where infinity is,” she replied in all innocence.

“What he means Molly is Noah will love me until the end of time… I mean forever,” I said quickly correcting myself when I anticipated the ‘when is the end of time’ question that would have been inevitable if I’d left it there.

“That’s fine by me… but you know I’m part of that package, right?” she added and scooped some mashed potato into her mouth.

Noah and I chuckled because she’d obviously heard me say that to him and it had stuck in her mind.

“Of course. I’d never dream of loving Maggie without loving you as well. Except I love you in a different way from the way I love your auntie.”


“My love for her is like when my heart bleeds because she’s not in the room beside me.”

“Yuck,” Molly replied and screwed up her face. My eyes met Noah’s, and I knew he spoke the truth because I knew exactly what he meant. I hated being apart from him.

“How do you love me?”

“Ah, that’s a special kind of love. It’s the kind of love that makes me want to wrap you up in a big comforter and keep you safe on the sofa for the rest of your life.”

“Well I don’t mind you loving me, but I think that would get a bit boring after a while.”

Noah and I laughed again, then he leaned over and took her little hand in his.

“What I’m trying to say is if you and your Aunt Maggie are happy then my heart is happy too. If you hurt, I hurt because I know I’d be crazy not to love you.”

“Are you saying you don’t have a choice to love me?” Noah looked at her like she’d solved a Rubik’s Cube puzzle all by herself and nodded.

“Got it in one,” he replied and high-fived her.

She dropped her fork and stared directly at him. “You’re like a dad then. They don’t get a choice to love, they just get whatever comes out of the mommy’s tummy,” she replied oversimplifying the love a father should have for his child.

I watched the sharp intake of breath he took and saw the way he swallowed like what she’d said hit a raw nerve. He was too choked to speak and nodded slowly.

“All right, now we’ve established that Noah loves us, let’s eat up before our food gets cold.”

Molly picked up her fork again and tucked in without another word, but it took Noah a minute to collect himself before he attempted his.

Free to Breathe teaser 1

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Free to Breathe teaser 4

Free to Breathe teaser 3

Is K.L. Shandwick a new Author to you? Check out K.L. Shandwick’s awesome emotional reads on her Amazon page. Already a fan? Never miss another release by clicking that little yellow follow button at the side and Amazon will always alert you to her new releases.


Amazon author page…

Also by K L Shandwick

The Everything Trilogy:

Enough Isn’t Everything; Everything She Needs; Everything I Want.

Love With Every Beat – Alfie Black’s POV on music, fame and love. To accompany the everything series.

Just Jack (Jack from The Everything Trilogy.)

Exhale and Move On – Rick Fars appears in all the Everything series books

Everything Is Yours – a novella with characters from The Everything series.

Last Score series:

Gibson’s Legacy; Trusting Gibson; Gibson’s Melody novella

Ready for Flynn series.

Ready for Flynn, parts 1; Ready For Flynn Part, 2; Ready For Flynn, Part 3; Flying Under the Radar (A novella to accompany the Ready For Flynn Series)


Missing Beats

Notes on Love

Free to Breathe


K.L. Shandwick Bio

Writing came relatively later in life for K.L. Shandwick after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy and now she loves creating new storylines.

Her characters have flaws and she hopes this helps the connection between them and her readers. K.L. enjoys the journeys they take her on during the creation process and each character has his or her own voice. She also doesn’t use prepared outlines for her stories preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses. These days K.L. lives in the Yorkshire countryside and writes full-time.

Follow K.L. Shandwick and check out her hangout. Be sure not to miss future releases by signing up for her newsletter. (she promises not to spam you.)

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Book of Souls by Nadine Nightingale

Today we have the release blitz for Book of Souls by Nadine Nightingale! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Book of Souls

Author: Nadine Nightingale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Book of Souls:

They call me Angel of Death, but my name is Nisha Blake. I am Shepherdstown’s living urban legend. My life, a tale of the macabre.

People avoid me like the plague. Well, everyone but my friends. They don’t see the Angel of Death when they look at me. They see poor, broken Nisha—the bully victim, suffering from vicious night terrors and vivid hallucinations.

Things take a turn for the worse when Blaze shows up. He’s a too hot, tattooed, bad-ass MMA fighter from London, hell-bent on getting to know me. Since he walked into my miserable life, my hallucinations graduated to a point where I can no longer differentiate between fiction and reality.

I am insane.
Broken beyond repair.
Or so I think until—

I uncover a secret form the past—a link between all the deaths, my hallucinations, and my night terrors. It’s then I understand I’m not the Angel of Death.

I am something else.
Someone else.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I look at the desert rose in my palm. It’s small and fragile, yet it weighs down my arm as if I carry the weight of the world in the palm of my hand.

“You belong to me,” he says. I don’t need to see his face. I know it’s him. The conqueror. He’s been haunting my dreams forever and a day.

The sand takes ahold of me, pulling me down into the cold darkness. “What do you want from me? Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I love you,” he whispers. “I always have, and I always will, my love.”

I’m dreaming. I know I am. I will my eyes open, but it doesn’t work. It never works. Something in this foreign world holds me captive. And it’s not just the sand and the conqueror. It’s a part of me, too. The part that knows it belongs here, belongs with him.




About Nadine:

Nadine aka Dini is a traveler at heart. She considers the world her home and practically lives out of her suitcases. When she’s not glaring at a blank page or abusing her poor keyboard, she spends her time reading, watching movies (preferably horror), pretends to work out, and hangs out with friends and family. Poor girl also suffers from a serious Marvel superhero addiction. So, if you run into her at night, wearing black, know she’s secretly dreaming of being the infamous Black Widow.




Connect with Nadine:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose

Today we have the release blitz for ROAD TO EUGENICA by AM Rose! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy!

Title: Road to Eugenica

Author: AM Rose

Genre: YA Sci-fi



About Road to Eugenica:

Two dimensions – And the girl who connects them.

Yesterday, Drea Smith couldn’t do anything spectacular—even walking and texting at the same time was a challenge. But today, she suddenly has more answers than Google, can speak and understand numerous languages, and she can fight. Like a boss.

Super freaky.

Drea has no idea where her encyclopedic knowledge has come from, but she’ll take it when she discovers someone out there knows her secret and wants her badly. And that they’ve been searching for her since she was born.

Since she was created.

With the help of her best friend Dylan, who just wants to keep her safe, and Maddox, a mysterious new boy who is prepared to get her answers, Drea will have to push her new skills to their limit as she uncovers nothing is quite what it seems.

As she uncovers…Eugenica.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

I get to the game early and weave through the rowdy crowd wearing our school colors, black and turquoise. Some guys really go all out for these games and paint their shirtless bodies, spelling out the word P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S on their chests. Others wear costumes or headbands with cat ears. It’s pretty tame compared to our football games. Those are completely overly exaggerated affairs.

I skip the concession stand to grab a few seats away from my regular spot. As much as I’d love to snack on some licorice, and the popcorn smell that floats in the air makes my stomach growl, I’m ready for some answers from Maddox, and I don’t need any distractions.

Trumpets blare. The band starts to play, and the cheerleaders wave their pom-poms as the team lines up to run onto the field. My phone chirps, just as the band breaks into our fight song.


Where are you?

I ignore the cheerleaders’ plea to repeat “time to fight, time to win,” and text him back telling him where to find me.

This is it. My chance to get some answers. Except my hands are shaking, and my knee is bouncing like crazy. While I wait for him, I try to get my nerves under control and check out who showed up for the game near my regular seat. I spot a few people who only come to games occasionally. They don’t even know the rules, they just cheer when everyone else does. Nadia’s here, too, except she’s abandoned her usual pink hoodie for a regular school one that looks like the one I have on. And her normally gorgeous flowing dark hair is wrapped up in a messy bun, like mine. I don’t even have the time to think about what she’s playing at.

I roll my eyes and then immediately jerk back. No. It can’t be. Two rows behind her are piercing green eyes.

Blood drains from my face and redirects to my pounding heart; I have to grip the bench to stay upright. The rest of the crowd seems to disappear, and I’m alone staring at a man dressed all in black. Scared can’t begin to describe this. My breath is ripped from my chest, and I feel like I’m suffocating as I focus on the crescent-shaped scar on his face. Shit. No. He can’t be here. Not real, not real. He’s just my imagination.

But a woman slides past him, stumbles, and catches herself on his shoulder. She smiles apologetically, and he mumbles something back. I’m frozen in fear. Fireworks explode in my chest. Shit, shit, shit. He is real. And he’s really here. I shrink back into the crowd in my row, but I don’t take my eyes off him. He’s always appeared and vanished like a flash, but now he’s sitting here, right next to the space I usually fill. No way it’s a coincidence. He keeps turning his head in every direction, and a thought sinks in my stomach. He’s looking for me. That’s when my fear morphs into something more.




About AM Rose:

A.M. Rose is the author of Road to Eugenica, and writer of young adult novels of all genres as long as they have a hint of romance, the drinker of too much coffee (with way too much coconut creamer), and lover of all carbohydrates.

Currently, she lives in Houston, TX with her three boys (yes, her husband is in that count) and three cats. When she isn’t writing about swoony boys or ways for her MC to get into trouble, she is an avid reader, critiquer, (is that even a word?) and trampoline enthusiast.

A.M. Rose is a graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication and a minor in underwater basket weaving. (Okay, maybe not the basket weaving part.)


Connect with AM Rose:

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Sky’s the Limit by Elle Aycart







Tired of waiting for her big break in the fashion industry, Sky Gonzalez, eternal part-time student and overworked retail drone, quits her job, sublets her New York apartment, and embarks on a semester abroad study program in Paris. Paris! Time to throw caution to the winds and jump-start her dreams. What’s the worst that could happen?

How about getting sent to the wrong Paris? As in Paris-frigging-Minnesota?

Bye-bye career dreams. Bye-bye glamour and haute couture. Hello flannel shirts, mind-numbing cold, zero bars on the cell phone, and socially challenged mountain men with tons of unruly facial hair.

So yeah, let the truck barreling her way hit her, please. Less painful.

Logan should have dodged the little lost waif and kept on driving. Who in their right mind walked in the middle of the road, dressed in white from head to high heels, during a snowstorm? Clueless city girls, that’s who. Sky is all that Logan has gladly left behind: stylish, cosmopolitan, and a massive pain in the butt. He wouldn’t trade a single day in his quirky little corner of the woods for all the high-maintenance beauties the city can offer.

Too bad this beauty has been deemed a health hazard and quarantined in his house. Damn his doomsday-prepper neighbors and their paranoid emergency protocols. Now he has to keep Sky in and the pandemic squad out until the roads are clear. The question is, will that happen before or after Sky realizes she’s under house arrest?

Ah, the best-laid plans…

This was so not happening. “Are you serious?” Sky choked out.
“I’m afraid so. I’ll make it up to you later, I swear. Get dressed.” Logan reached for the keys, unlocked one cuff, freed her from the headboard, and jumped off the bed. “Dark clothes. Camo if you’ve got it.”
She snorted, sitting up. “You’re joking, right? The closest I’ve gotten to camo was watching—with contempt, I might add—an episode of Duck Dynasty.”
“Black sweatpants then.”
Sure, like she had packed that for Paris. The only sweatpants she had were gold and pink. Prada, spring collection.
“Where’s the key for the cuffs?” she asked, looking around.
“I left it on the bed,” Logan shouted from the closet.
Sky patted the bedsheets but no luck. “Can’t find it.”
Logan came back carrying a big rucksack. He left it on the floor and lifted the bedcovers. No key. “Maybe it fell on the floor?”
Sky pointed at the rucksack, ominously similar to the ones she’d seen the 10K participants carry. “Don’t tell me. Bug-out bag?”
“Bug-out bag. We need to hurry. They time these drills. If we mess up their schedule, we won’t ever live it down. Get ready. I’ll search for the key.”
Where had she gone wrong? She’d had a nice, comfortable city life. Friday meant cosmopolitans, sexy clothes, and a fancy date with dinner and dancing. Hot sex if she was lucky. Now? She was in the middle of nowhere, getting ready for an evacuation drill, her mascara down her chest, her hair a mess, and her clit hurting like a bitch from not coming. No dinner. No dancing.
She heard the front door opening and a woman yelling, “Logan! Move it! Where are you?”
“My sister got tired of waiting outside.”
“Forget the key and go meet her downstairs,” Sky urged him. “Before she gets in here. Or worse, before Arnie attacks her.”
“Fuck.” Logan grabbed the bag and dashed out of the room. “We’re coming! Go back to the car. Give us a minute.”
“You got thirty seconds,” was the annoyed reply.
Sky pulled the first long-sleeved-shirt she could find over herself, hoping to cover the cuffs hanging from one wrist. It was Logan’s, so it went down to her knees. Whatever. She ran to her room and put on the pink-and-gold sweatpants and the black-and-red rubber boots. Jesus Christ, talk about hillbillying it.
She dashed downstairs. Logan was holding the front door for her. Outside, the horn on a big, black truck was blaring.
“About time,” said the driver, a gruff man dressed in camo, as they jumped in the vehicle. A woman with pixie-cut hair, also wearing camo, was riding shotgun. Megan, Logan’s sister, Sky presumed.
“If you batshit wackos would schedule your damn drills at a more reasonable hour, or let us know beforehand, this wouldn’t happen,” Logan snapped back.
“It wouldn’t be much of an emergency evacuation drill if we gave notice beforehand, would it?” the pixie lady said.




After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only: aside from writing romances, she has abso-frigging-lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up. Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff. While she is probably now thinking of a new profession, her head never stops churning new plots for her romances. She lives currently in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters, although who knows, in no time she could be living at the Arctic Circle in Finland, breeding reindeer.

Elle loves to hear from readers!



Always on My Mind by Ali Parker


David Dawson is the oldest brother of the rowdy Dawson boys, and the one his father depends on most to help run the family farm.

Unfortunately, he’s far more interested in playing music than baling hay.

He plays at the local bar and gets lucky one night… a beautiful talent agent happens to be passing through the city and she’s desperate to find talent.

Lucky, lucky girl. In more ways than one.

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Title: Pride & Joie
A #MyNewLife Novel
Author: M.E. Carter
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 22, 2017
Joie Stevens put all her dreams on hold the day she became a mom. As a
natural caretaker, it never bothered her. But now that her son is grown, she
has some new goals in sight and nothing is going to get in her way.
Except maybe an attractive football coach. Who very literally gets in
her way.
As assistant football coach for the Flinton State University Vikings,
Jack Pride really has nothing to complain about. He has a job he loves and
friends he enjoys. Certain he had his one true love in his late wife, the last
thing on his mind is dating.
Until he runs into a beautiful non-traditional student. Who he very
literally runs into.
This three-part story reminds us love can be better the second time
around. And that it’s not just players in the game…


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Author Bio
Mother, reader, storytellerME Carter never set out
to write books. But when a friend practically forced a copy of Twilight into
her hands, the love of the written word she had lost as a child was rekindled.
With a story always rolling around in her head, it should come as no surprise that she finally started putting them on paper. She lives in Texas with
her four children, Mary, Elizabeth, Carter and Bug, who sadly was born long
after her pen name was created, and will probably need extensive therapy
because of it.
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Traitorous Toys 
A Cozy Corgi Mystery
by Mildred Abbott
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It’s Christmas in Estes Park, Colorado: cozy fires, twinkling lights, soft snowfall, and… murder.
The winter holidays in charming Estes Park lulls Winifred Page and her corgi, Watson, into thoughts of spiced chai and gingerbread as they settle into their new home. Fred’s dream bookshop is becoming a reality, and with Christmas only days away, her only concerns are spending time with family, enforcing Watson’s diet, and finding the perfect gifts.
The toy store beckons Fred and her friend Katie, who dash in out of the cold, during a shopping spree to discover handmade toys, cuddly stuffed animals… and a dying man on the floor.
When Katie’s desperate attempts to save the man ends in her being taken in for his murder, Fred once again dons her detective hat. She puts aside her Christmas list and—with Watson sniffing around—begins a list of suspects. But as quickly as clues point to one person, new discoveries shift the spotlight to another.
With Katie’s freedom in the balance, Fred has little time to think about gifts or to enjoy the holiday lights and music. A killer is on the loose, one who became violent in a picture-perfect Christmas toy shop, and Fred and Watson can’t begin to predict what might happen next…


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Despite Watson’s sensitive nose, and the smell of recently varnished floors, we spent the entire day in the Cozy Corgi bookshop. When the motherlode of all deliveries arrived before noon, the majority of the books were at least within the walls of my store, and I now owned more than an empty building. Progress!
After having the sign hung, the floors and walls refinished, and all of the bookcases installed, I’d thought my dream shop was becoming a reality. But with mountains upon mountains of boxes of books taking up most of the large center room, it finally began to feel real. And that realness doubled down. Transforming the place seemed nearly impossible, especially considering the timeline I’d set for myself, but even so, excitement thrummed. It was happening. Finally.
I spent the rest of the afternoon pushing boxes to the center of the smaller rooms that ran around the perimeter of the main floor. The more I worked, the more manageable it seemed. I already knew my favorite space. The corner room in the back left side of the shop. It was the one with the largest river rock fireplace. My uncles’ store had a Victorian sofa and antique standing lamp with an ornate fabric shade I’d been eyeing. Those would go there, and it would be my mystery-themed room. Each little nook would have its own genre. The largest offshoot would be the children’s book area, and while I was going to make every inch of the store as spectacular as I could, the mystery room was going to be just a touch more special.
By the same time next year, I’d have the entire shop decked out for Christmas. As it was, I used some of my illusive time to cut out paper snowflakes and tape them to the windows looking out on the tourists passing by. Next year, lights, trees, and maybe I could even brew some spiced cider for customers. But, for now, wonky snowflakes would have to do for holiday cheer.
“If you keep glaring at me like that, I’m going to leave you home tomorrow.” I glowered at Watson, who peered up at me as I taped the final snowflake on the glass. His corgi eyes doubtlessly did a better job of glowering than mine. “It’s not like you’d be unsafe. With the fortune I just paid for your dog run, the abominable snowman himself couldn’t break in.”
The threat to leave him home was an empty one, and we both knew it. Even with the Fort Knox of dog enclosures, I’d worry about him the entire day and get absolutely nothing done. Never mind the fact that since he’d waddled into my life a little more than a year ago, we’d been inseparable.
Watson’s intense look was interrupted by a sneeze, a second one, and then he went right back to glaring.
“You know, buddy, the Cozy Corgi bookstore is named after you. We’re going to have to work on your disposition before we have living, breathing customers.”
I was fairly certain his brown gaze darkened. Watson was persnickety about which strangers he would allow to fawn over him.
A few seconds longer of our staring battle and I admitted defeat. We had both known I would. The only way I could change his disposition in the moment was to offer him a treat. And I’d already given him five since coming to the store a few hours ago. Since moving to Estes Park, Watson had steadily required more treats, and he was just a bit “fluffier” than was healthy. Not that I had much room to judge. My newest friend, Katie, was a baker, and I felt fairly certain she was intent on me buying an entire new wardrobe, with all the fresh carby goodness she continually shoved my way.
“Fine. You win. But this bookstore isn’t going to put itself together, you know.” I strode to the counter, slipped into my jacket, and grabbed my purse and an incorrectly delivered letter. It seemed I got someone else’s mail every other day. I wondered how much of my own ended up somewhere other than with me. At least all the books had come to the right place.
I couldn’t blame Watson. The smell of stain, varnish, and all the other chemicals used to refinish the wooden floors of the two-leveled shop a couple of weeks before had finally faded. We’d had an entire day and a half of getting the Cozy Corgi ready without runny noses and stinging eyes before the newly installed bookcases that filled nearly every room on the main floor had their turn at a beauty treatment. I was planning on opening the store in January, but that was only two weeks away. If I started stocking the books on the shelves too soon, I feared no one would buy them due to their absorbing the chemical smell.
After slipping on his leash, I stepped outside with Watson, paused long enough to lock the front door of the shop, and then began walking down the sidewalk. The two stores on either side of the Cozy Corgi had been candy shops, but now sat empty, waiting. While some of the stores had closed for the winter season, these were the only ones that felt desolate. I was certain it wouldn’t last for long.
“One more stop, and then it’s family dinner night.”
Watson turned his unimpressed gaze on me again.
“Barry, buddy. You get to see Barry.”
And with that, his eyes lit up and he gave a little hop. My stepfather was Watson’s favorite human in the world, outside of myself. And there were times I wasn’t entirely certain I outranked Barry.
Though it was barely four thirty in the afternoon, the sky was dark and only a small pink glow remained over the rim of the mountains. Snow fell in thick soft flakes, and while it was cold, there was no wind, so it was a crisp pleasant sensation. The weather mixed with the garlands, light-festooned streetlamps, and the ropes of glowing tinsel across the street made me marvel at my new life.
When we first moved to Estes Park from Kansas City the month before, I’d felt like we’d landed inside a snow globe. Now, with the holiday barely a week away, I was convinced we lived in a Christmas village. The sensation was compounded by the endless rows of shops on Elkhorn Avenue, all of which were either vintage fifties and sixties mountain style or those, like mine, that looked like small log cabins.
Within five minutes, we walked close to the end of the next block, and I checked the address on the envelope. The return address showed that it was from a Denver law office. There was no business name, but the numbers matched those under the silver script that read Rocky Mountain Imprints on the glass door.
A bell chimed as we walked in, and Watson let out an irritated snuff seconds before the smell hit—not overly unpleasant, and less harsh than what my own shop currently smelled like, but it was a weird mix of heat, plastic, and something I didn’t have a name for. Endless racks of T-shirts and hoodies filled the store, and every inch of wall space was papered in square designs, ranging from cute forest animals, to Smokey Bear, to borderline risqué logos about hiking naked.
“Welcome, and Merry Christmas!” A cute blonde woman waved at me from behind the counter.
I nearly jumped at the sudden sound of her voice. I hadn’t noticed her amid all the cacophony of fabric colors and images. Not to mention she was nearly pixie small.
“Thank you! And Merry Christmas to you.” I motioned down at Watson. “I hope you don’t mind that my dog is with me.” Estes Park was extremely dog friendly, but Watson and I had encountered the rare shopkeeper who didn’t appreciate animals in their store. In their defense, Watson tended to leave a cloud of dog hair wherever he went, as evidenced by every article of clothing I owned.
“Of course not!” The woman’s bright voice was nearly as cheerful as a pixie. “He’s adorable. We actually sell T-shirts for dogs.” Her eyes narrowed as she inspected Watson. “He’s… a basset hound, right? I don’t think we have any of those, but I do a lot of the art myself. I can custom-design something for you. Maybe a basset hound wearing reindeer ears or something for the season?”
I shook my head and managed to smile instead of grimace. “Thank you, but no. Watson would murder me in my sleep if I tried to put clothes on him. Once in a while, he’ll let me get away with a little scarf, but even then he gives me attitude for days after. And he’s a corgi.” A basset hound and a corgi both were long and short, but really couldn’t look more different, with basset hound ears nearly dragging the floor, and a corgi looking for all intents and purposes more like a chiseled fox.
“Well, if you change your mind, let me know. I’ll happily create something for a corky. I’ve never tried to do anything with scarves, but it could be a fun adventure.”
corky? I was going to have to remember that one. Maybe that could be a new nickname when Watson was being a snot.
As we walked closer to the counter, the woman seemed to get smaller. Granted, that wasn’t an unusual sensation for me upon meeting petite women. I was a healthy five foot ten, which seemed like a good size to me, but anytime I was around women the stature of my mother, I grew the tiniest bit self-conscious. At thirty-eight, I’d expected to outgrow that particular insecurity. Maybe by the time I was forty….
“I am actually not here to shop. Sorry.” I held out the envelope. “This was delivered to my store by accident. It’s addressed to a Sarah M. Beeman, but it had your shop’s address.”
The blonde’s eyes narrowed as she took the envelope, and then she glanced toward the back of the store before flashing me another smile. “Thank you. I’ll see that she gets it.” She cocked her head. “Wait a second. You said it was delivered to your store? I don’t think I’ve met….” Her gaze left me once more, flicked to Watson, and then I saw understanding. “Ah! The Cozy Corky, the bookshop that’s coming. I saw your sign. It’s adorable.”
She might not know her dog breeds, but with that comment, she won my approval. I was particularly proud of the wooden sign above my door with a corgi sitting on a stack of books. I held out my hand. “That’s me. My name is Winifred Page, but everyone calls me Fred.”
“Fred! That’s almost as adorable as your shop sign.” She slipped her tiny hand into mine. “I am Peg Singer.” She tilted her head toward the back. “My husband, Joe, and I own the shop.” She broke our hands’ embrace and then gasped. “I have the best idea! That logo would be amazing on T-shirts and hoodies, we can even put them on hats. If you buy them in bulk, I’ll give you a discount, and then you can mark them up and sell them at your store.” She gestured behind her at a row of trophies. “Each summer we locals have a softball season. There were so many shop owners by the end of last year, we talked about splitting into two teams. You could lead the new one, and your little dog could be the mascot. Joe does really wonderful things with jersey imprints.”
I shook my head, a little more emphatically than I’d intend. “I’m so not a sports person. Any team I’d be on would be guaranteed to lose. And Watson is about as athletic as a beached whale.” I reminded myself I needed to get off to a good start with the other business owners, so I paused, considering. “The Cozy Corgi logo on shirts and stuff might be cute, though.”
“I promise you it would be.”
“Let me think about it, but….” I fished around in my purse for my newly printed business cards “Let me leave you my information and you can send me the details. Will that work?”
“Absolutely!” The card went the way of the letter. “I’ll send you some options and quotes in the next couple of days.”
I hadn’t figured out what I was going to do with the top level of my shop, it had been an apartment before—and the scene of a murder. I hadn’t wanted to extend the bookstore up there, preferring to keep it more of an intimate space, but maybe Cozy Corgi merchandise could be fun.
Watson pulled on his leash, obviously done with another smelly location. I followed his lead. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Peg. We should probably get going, though. My little guy is getting hungry.” I loved Watson for all that he was, even his often grumpy disposition. But one of my favorite parts of puppy motherhood was always having a ready excuse to leave.
“It was great to meet you as well, Fred.” She gave a finger-wiggling wave to Watson. “And you too, Walter.”
I truly did like the idea of the Cozy Corgi merchandise, but I made a mental note to double and then triple check spelling on any proofs she might send my way. The Cozy Corgi could easily end up being the Grumpy Goat or some such nonsense.
The snow had picked up, and as Watson and I stepped outside, the cold fresh mountain air was such a contrast to the plasticky smell of the T-shirt shop that I stood there for a second to luxuriate.
I turned back the way we’d come, and the store next to Rocky Mountain Imprints caught my eye. I wasn’t sure how I’d missed it to begin with. Toys filled the window, and like my shop, the outside was a log cabin façade. The arched wooden sign over the door read Bushy Evergreen’s Workshop. Unlike the T-shirt store, even from my spot on the sidewalk, it was easy to see the place was completely decked out for Christmas. I gave Watson an apologetic grimace. “One more stop before Barry. But this is the last one. I promise.”
Before he could sit down and refuse to move, I pushed open the door and ushered him inside.
Sure enough, the place was as charming as it seemed from the outside. I’d toured all the stores when we first moved, but I’d been so focused on all the drama, I hadn’t paid too much attention to aesthetics. Bushy Evergreen was an unfortunate name choice, but workshop was appropriate. It felt like Watson and I had stepped through a portal and landed in Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. The tiny place practically overflowed with toys. For a second I couldn’t figure out what was unusual about it, but then it hit me, only increasing the sensation of being in a place owned by Santa. Most of the toys—much like Estes Park itself—seemed to be from a time long ago. Tops, jack-in-the-boxes, wooden train sets and cars, and endless rows of stuffed animals. Many of the wooden toys and figurines looked expertly hand carved. In all the chaos of toys, three different Christmas trees were stuffed here and there, twinkling brightly. Garland was roped around every available surface, looping over the perimeter of the walls and outlining the shelves and tables.
“Wow.” I stood in awe and forgot that I was nearly forty. This place was Christmas morning—smells of hot chocolate and molasses, the feeling of rushing down the stairs to find brightly colored packages under a sparkling tree.
There was a warm chuckle from somewhere to the left. “Never get tired of seeing that expression on people’s faces. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed one on a dog before, but even your furry friend appears enchanted.”
I glanced at Watson. Sure enough, Watson’s gaze flicked from one thing to another and he seemed captivated by it all, rather than irritated at keeping Barry waiting. Talk about a Christmas miracle. Maybe we really had stumbled upon Santa’s workshop.
Catching myself, I looked toward the voice, and seemed to misplace my own. The man standing behind the counter was no elf. Nor was he Santa. He was a tall, rugged mountain of a man. Dark red hair and stunningly handsome. Where Peg had made me feel like a giant, this man made me feel like… well, probably how Peg had felt next to me, I assumed.
He flashed a bright white smile, somehow increasing his good looks, which shouldn’t have been possible. “You all right?”
I nodded and had to lick my lips so I wouldn’t drool, more than anything. I pointed to the garland strewn magically over the store. “Yes. I’ve just never seen garland that lights up before.” That much was true, the crystalline garland was a constant shifting rainbow of colors. It almost looked like it was made from shards of glass or snow, and somehow glowed in countless sparkling hues.
His thick brows creased. “Yeah, it was my idiot brother’s idea. Pretty spectacular stuff, unless you’re the one hanging it. I think I bled for a week.” Whatever irritation he felt vanished. “Looking for a gift?”
I shook my head. I was not looking for a gift. Although, since I was in a toyshop… “Yes, though I have no idea what to get. I have nieces and nephews. Two who are fourteen and two who are eight. Two boys, and two girls.” He had a small dimple in his chin. Not too deep as to be distracting, but just enough to highlight how chiseled his jaw truly was. “Well, they’re my stepnieces and stepnephews actually. I’m not very good at this whole aunt thing. My stepfather has two daughters; they’re twins.” His blue eyes might actually be made from sapphires. “And of course they married twin brothers, because Verona and Zelda weren’t identical enough, they had to marry twins. And they each have a fourteen-year-old and an eight-year-old, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to do for presents. Judging from the way they reacted the last few Christmases, I’m a horrible gift giver.”
Watson yanked at his leash, pulling my attention to him. He cocked one of his puppy brows at me and sat down.
He’d just earned himself another treat.
If I’d kept going, I probably would’ve told the man my entire family history. I turned back to him but focused on a carved bear over his shoulder. Maybe he was like an eclipse, you could function if you didn’t look directly at him.
“I can definitely help you out with the eight-year-olds, but I doubt we’ll have much to offer the teenagers. They seem to want nothing more than cell phones, iPads, and cash.” He gave another chuckle, proving that the sound of his voice was just as distracting as his appearance, no matter where I looked. “Depending on what they’re into, I just got a new shipment of….” His voice trailed off momentarily, causing me to look him full in the face again. “Wait a minute. I recognize you, and your dog. You’re—” He snapped his fingers a couple times. “—Fred Page, the one opening the bookshop where the old taxidermy place used to be. Where Opal was killed.”
For a moment I was beyond flattered that he had not only recognized me but recalled my name. Then I quickly realized chances were he’d been much more captivated by the murder and investigation that had swirled around me upon my arrival in town than he was about me personally. And that, more than keeping my focus away from him, helped me to quit acting like a complete fool. “That’s me. For better or worse. Watson and I are the ones opening the bookshop. You must be… Bushy?”
Even as I said it, I knew it couldn’t be. A man like that didn’t have the name Bushy.
He shook his head, and once more there was a flash of irritation like there’d been about the garland. “No. This was my father’s store originally. He still carves a lot of the toys, but it’s mine now. Bushy Evergreen was one of Santa’s original elves. He was a woodcarver and was in charge of the toyshop. My father felt a kinship with him. I would love nothing more than to put a sensible name on the place, but we’ve been here for over fifty years. Doesn’t make good business sense to change it now.” His charm was back. “My name is Declan, thankfully, not Bushy.”
Before I had the opportunity to somehow put my foot in my mouth again, there was a slamming of a door, and a voice rang out from somewhere in the back. “Declan, you’re never going to believe what I just found. I was just driving back from the grocery store and there was this old chest sitting beside a dumpster.” A man rushed through the doorway carrying a wooden box that looked like it had been kept at the bottom of the ocean for the past century. At a glance, I almost thought he was Declan’s twin, but it was a fleeting notion. He had the same height, coloring, and hair, but even though he had similar features to Declan, everything seemed off somehow—not malformed, just not as pleasing. Even so, he was very clearly related to Declan. “I was thinking I can clean it up, and Dad could—” His words fell away as he noticed me, and halted. “Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to be so loud. Didn’t realize we had customers.”
Two other figures emerged from the back. I wasn’t sure if they’d been there the entire time or if they’d arrived with the strange Declan look-alike. An ancient-looking man with snowy hair, who was clearly Declan’s father, and a raven-haired woman, who was just as beautiful as Declan. Both of them halted as well.
“Yes, imagine that. A toy store having an actual customer at Christmastime. Shocking.” The coldness and shift in Declan’s voice drew my attention away from the other three people. His handsome features were suddenly hard. But a heartbeat later, he was charming again, his voice warm and pleasant. “Might as well make introductions while we’re all here. This is Fred Page, the one who’s opening the new bookshop.” He gestured from me toward the three individuals. “This is my father, Duncan, my brother, Dolan, and my wife, Daphne.”
“That’s a lot of Ds.” I wasn’t sure if it was the residual effect of Declan’s stunning appearance or his abrupt shift from warm and inviting to cold and harsh, but whatever it was, I chose to say that instead of hello, nice to meet you.
Dolan gave a maniacal laugh, the father’s brows knitted in an expression which reminded me of Watson in his grumpy moments, and Daphne smiled as she spoke. “That’s true. I’ve often wondered if Declan married me simply because of my name. My mother-in-law’s name was Della, believe it or not.” She shrugged and patted her flat stomach. “We won’t know if it’s a boy or a girl until the little one arrives, but I can guarantee you the name will start with D.”
Dolan let out another wild laugh. It wasn’t exactly off-putting, but a little crazed or something. Actually there was something off entirely. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I only knew that the Christmassy cheer of Santa’s workshop had morphed into something else. And probably sensing it himself, Watson once again pulled on his leash, this time making it very clear he wanted to go.
“Well….” I attempted to force an easy-breezy tone, but was fairly certain I failed. “It’s lovely to meet all of you.” I refocused on Declan, this time not mesmerized by his appearance. “I’m running late for dinner with my family. Mom’s making a big spread. I’ll drop in before Christmas and find something good for the eight-year-olds.”
And once more, Declan was all handsome charm and pleasant voice. “Please do. I’m sure we’ll find something perfect for them. It was a pleasure to meet you, Fred. We’ll look forward to visiting your store when you open.”
“Thank you. I appreciate that.” I gave a wave that hopefully encompassed everyone. “We’d best get going. Merry Christmas.”
Dolan and Daphne responded as I turned and hurried out the door. I paused in the cool air once more, but this time it wasn’t refreshing. Just cold. I glanced down at Watson.
“What in the world was that?”
He didn’t bother to respond, only took off down the sidewalk, pulling me with him.
Before I’d taken two steps, loud voices reached my ears, and I glanced through the window, past the toys, to see Declan shaking his fist as he yelled at Daphne. Dolan jumped between them, shouting something as well, though I couldn’t make it out.
Duncan’s old eyes met mine through the window and clearly told me to mind my own business.
I hesitated despite his stare, wondering what I should do.
With another tug on his leash, Watson made the decision for me.

Cruel Candy
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Bickering Birds, Cozy Corgi Mysteries #3


mildred abbott pic
Reading the Cozy Corgi series is pretty much all you need to know about Mildred. In real life, she’s obsessed with everything she writes about: Corgis, Books, Cozy Mountain Towns, and Baked Goods. She’s not obsessed with murder, however. At least not at her own hands (nor paid for… no contract killing here). But since childhood, starting with Nancy Drew, trying to figure out who-dun-it has played a formative role in her personality. Having Fred and Watson stroll into her mind was a touch of kismet.
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