Morgan’s Musings – Review – Hot Nights with the Fireman

***** 5 Out Of 5 Stars

Hot Firefighter

HOT NIGHTS WITH THE FIREMAN (Alpha Heroes #1) by Lynne Silver

“I’m not going to explore the reasons one of you was parading nude with sorority girls in your government place of work, but the fact remains, you let it get photographed. First mistake.”

A great summer beach read. The author does a fantastic job of covering problems and issues faced in today’s society. Our heroine a “PR guru” and hero, an “uber-hot firefighter, are both hiding secrets that they feel make them undesirable.

Valeria Wainwright is a PR guru on the fast track to make partner at her firm. It will be her job to clean up the image of the firefighters when an unappropriated picture shows up on social media. Albeit one she doesn’t relish taking, because just walking into the fire station will be a huge step for her, but when finished with the firefighters “the community will be singing their praises and signing their children up to become firefighters.” Unexpectedly, Valeria finds herself attracted to said firefighter in the picture, but there is one catch, she never dates a client.

Jason Moore, our sexy firefighter, is literally caught with his pants down in the wrong place at the wrong time when his “mostly naked” picture is posted on social media. In order to keep his job, he is participating in a professional media PR campaign to redeem the firefighter’s tarnished image. He also has dreams of becoming a part of the International Search and Rescue Team, but because of his media mishap and secrets, his dream may be just that, a dream. Jason finds himself drawn to Valeria, but worries he might not be good enough for her since she is well educated and he has a learning disability.

Jason lets Valeria know up front that he isn’t a player and once she begins to listen and feel, things start falling into place. But because of the demons and secrets Valerie has, she doesn’t see any relationship lasting and Jason wants it all. Not only is she physically scarred, she is emotionally scarred. Can Jason and Valeria find the strength to face their demons and secrets and learn to not only love each other, but themselves or will Valerie throw it all away because of her fears?

Hot Nights With The Fireman has it all – steamy romance, sexy firefighter, love, flirty characters, and an overall feel good story. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Look forward to reading more stories in the Alpha Heroes series.

Was presented a copy by the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.


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